Swimming Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools and Spas

If you have a commercial pool, it’s essential that you keep it clean and safe for members of the public. Traditional methods of purification involve using high amounts of potentially harmful chemicals, such as Chlorine. This, however, can cause burning eyes, skin irritation, allergies, and even respiratory problems for those exposed to it. Using a UV pool sanitizer can revolutionize how you treat your pools, though. It effectively eliminates over 99% of pathogens, whilst being harmless to humans. This also means the amount of Chlorine needed is drastically reduced; and studies have backed up the fact that low levels don’t have the same harmful side effects.

UV-Guard’s pool UV systems provide a natural, and hugely successful way of getting rid of essentially all known microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores. UV light is also beneficial from a cost perspective – using our systems means you won’t have to add and recirculate water anywhere near as often. Purchasing a pool, fountain, or spa UV sterilizer here is simple; take a look at the systems we have to offer, and if you’d like any extra information just get in touch.

UV-Guard water disinfection systems have become established as a reliable way to produce pure, healthy and safe water for swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools and spas.

There are no microorganisms known to be immune to UV disinfection, even the chlorine resistant Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Additionally, UV reacts to break down Chloramines (also known as combined Chlorine) which occur when free chlorine reacts with human perspiration and urine within swimming pools. Chloramines are responsible for the unpleasant smells within swimming pools and the cause of eye irritation for swimmers.

Chlorine use in swimming pools has been linked to negative health implications such as asthma and other allergies. By using UV disinfection, chlorine use can be reduced by up to 90%, so swimming pool users have a much healthier experience. Filters are required to be backwashed less frequently, resulting in less water usage while still allowing swimming pool owners to abide by strict regulatory requirements.

UV-Guard specify UV disinfection systems to achieve UV doses of at least 60 mJ/cm2 in aquatic applications. Depending on the capacity required, UV-Guard can provide both Low Pressure and Medium Pressure UV disinfections systems.

Display Fountains

The potential for human contact with display fountain water is likely, especially where fountains are interactive and located within community settings. Water-borne microorganisms such as Legionella and spores are a common danger at fountains. The risk to small children should be minimised by applying the correct treatment.

UV-Guard water purification not only provides disinfection against pathogens but it also acts to control algae growth. This ensures that water features remain safe and aesthetically attractive.

Water Parks, Paddle Pools & Splash Pads

Water play areas at water parks such as paddle pools and splash pads usually involve less water in comparison to swimming pools. However, bather loadings and bather type play a key role in the quality of water. These attractions are usually enjoyed by many children at a time who have a tendency of generating increased levels of Chloramines. Due to small volumes of water being involved, concentrations of Chloramines must be effectively managed. UV treatment breaks these Chloramines down to levels accepted by regulatory authorities whilst having the added benefits of controlling Chlorine resistant pathogens.

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