AWA Water Journal – June 2015 – New power supply boxes make mobile and off-grid water disinfection possible

UV-Guard’s NEW PLC controller has been mentioned in the June edition of the Australian Water Association (AWA) Water journal. The following text has been taken from the publication:

“Off-grid and mobile water disinfection is now possible thanks to a unique product recently released by Australian water disinfection specialists, UV-Guard. A PLC operated controller packed with integrated features, including the ability to operate on 12V and 24V DC power supplies, now gives UV-Guard’s off-grid and mobile customers the ability to disinfect water via UV treatment.

UV-Guard Principal Water Treatment Engineer, Luke Chamberlain, said the company worked closely with customers to ensure the new controllers met their needs. The 12V and 24V DC function was the final option to be added to the new controllers boasting a number of features.

“This option has been added after receiving a number of enquiries from operators of solar powered buildings and other customers who require UV disinfection but are off the grid. We have also heard from customers who require mobile UV disinfection for commercial and domestic applications,” Luke said.

“We have been working in partnership with select customers to ensure these enhancements meet their requirements across the industry. Having worked with an Australian developer it has allowed us to release this new range at a competitive market price whilst incorporating functionality which would ordinarily bring with it a greater price tag,” Luke said.

The 12V and 24V DC PLC controller can control UV-Guard’s UV systems up to a power of 40W. This means that recommended UV dose rates can be provided at flows of up to 60lpm by using the SLF, SLT and S-Series of systems. It can also control the storage tank headspace disinfection systems, the T-series.

“We see this as the ideal disinfection solution for drinking water provision and commercial applications for our off the grid and mobile customers,” Luke said.

The new range has the following optional features that make installation, operation, monitoring and servicing easy:

  • Australian designed and made weatherproof IP65 rated box
  • User friendly service menu and digital display
  • Digital lamp hour run meter to indicate when the lamp has reached its operational life
  • Integrated UV intensity monitoring to ensure correct UV intensity and sufficient disinfection is being achieved
  • Building Management System (BMS) connection for remote monitoring
  • Remote controllable

More information about UV-Guard’s range of UV water treatment systems is available at

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