AirZing – UV-C light purifier for surfaces, air and microdroplets

The Osram AirZing UV-C light purifier is a ceiling or wall mounted UV Disinfection System. It has been used in the fight against viruses and bacteria in microdroplets and on surfaces globally.

Features & Benefits

    • Generates 254nm UV Light for effective sterilization

    • Proven technology to destroy up to 99.9% of microorganisms

    • Easy to install linear fixture

    • Effective when installed on ceilings of up to 4m high

    • UV Lamp manufactured in Europe

    • Equipped with IR sensor to shut system down when people are detected in the UV workspace

    • Ozone free emissions

    • 360 degree sterilization area

    • Can disinfect a 10m2 area within 30 minutes*


*Multiple units may be required depending on site specific attributes. Contact UV-Guard to ensure the correct number of AirZing UV-C light purifiers are supplied.


Human exposure to UV radiation is extremely dangerous. This device is equipped with an IR sensor to automatically turn off the UV light if movement is detected within the radiation zone. However, people should not be within the radiation zone when the device is on without the use of certified PPE to protect eyes and skin.

Model Selection & Installation

    • Contact UV-Guard with your project requirements to ensure
      the correct solution is selected.

    • An electrician is required to connect the AirZing to power.

Power Required Power Consumption Dimensions

220-240 V 50/60 Hz

40W 136.3L x 5.4W x 7.8H