UV systems for drinking water exceed the performance of chemical alternatives and do not affect the taste or odour of the water. A UV sterilizer for drinking water will inactivate or outright destroy all microorganisms often found in potential drinking water sources such as in bore water, rain water, dam water, river water and more. For example, the chlorine resistant Cryptosporidium and Giardia in drinking water can cause unpleasant health complications if consumed. UV disinfection is extremely effective at inactivating or outright destroying these common health threats.

UV disinfection must be used in conjunction with the correct drinking water filter or overall filtration or treatment system to ensure that the water is to a standard suitable for the UV to optimally perform.

UV-Guard provides combined drinking water filtration and UV disinfection solutions for mining camps, apartment buildings, schools, universities, homes (whole of house, under sink), farms, boats, municipalities and many other water supply locations requiring safe drinking water.

UV-Guard offer both Australian WaterMark certified and European validated UV systems for drinking water applications.

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