ferret.com.au – March 2016 – A safer, healthier substitute to chlorine

UV water disinfection, developed by UV-Guard, is a safer, low irritant alternative to chlorine for swimming pools.

While chlorine is typically used for disinfecting pools, scientists found that it reacts with chemicals in sweat and urine to produce new chemicals that have been linked to allergies, asthma and even cancer.

Uric acid, which is found in urine, accounts for 24 to 68 per cent of cyanogen chlorine in pool water, a byproduct that can affect the heart, lungs and central nervous system through inhalation.

Uric acid also contains three to four per cent trichloramine, another byproduct that has been linked to reduced long function in adult swimmers and runny noses, itchy eyes and voice loss in lifeguards.

UV water disinfection uses less chemicals and does not leave a strong odor. It uses high intensity ultraviolet light to inactivate or destory viruses, bacteria, spoers and mould as well as the by-products of chlorine.

Luke Chamberlain, UV-Guard Technical Director said that this product is beneficial for swimmers and pool operators.

“UV water treatment disinfects water, deactivating micro-organisms including chlorine resistant cryptosporidium and giardia. Plus UV reduces chloramine levels meaning no more skin and eye irritations and a better breathing environment for asthmatics. It’s overall a much healthier option,” he said.

Chamberlain also said that the UV systems are installed in-line after a pool’s existing filtration system. They reduce chlorine use by up to 90 per cent and filters will need backwashing less frequently, leading to less water usage. Read more at ferret.com.au

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