The UV-Guard X-Series UV disinfection system is an efficient UV disinfection system for commercial aquatic applications where high UV doses at large flows are required. The system is Australian WaterMark certified, which validates its build quality in commercial swimming pool environments.

Multiple lamped models allow required UV dose rates to be achieved even at large flows. Disinfection of total swimming pool recirculation flows can be achieved through a single reactor, reducing footprint requirements and plumbing infrastructure costs whilst lowering chloramines and decreasing the amount of chlorine used.

Key to the system’s design is the combination of UVG LongerLife low-pressure, high-output amalgam UV lamps with thermally stable electronic ballasts configured to maximise efficiency and performance. The UV lamps have an operating life of up to 16,000 h, maintaining a UVC output of 90% or greater at the end of lamp life.

The system is supplied with a thermally stable, IP54-65 rated PLC controller with lamp on/off LEDs, lamp fail alarm and digital lamp life timer.

A range of single and multiple lamped systems with a variety of options are available, making the series suitable for spas, hydrotherapy pools and large commercial swimming pools. Inlet and outlet connections are customisable to suit project, customer and application requirements. Remote control and remote monitoring options are available. Read more

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