AQ Silver Ionisation Systems For Purification Of Food & Beverage Products

Residual disinfection for maintaining and preserving water quality using Silver ions.

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The AQ Silver Ionisation systems have been performance proven internationally in a variety of applications. It is a system that can be used to disinfect and conserve water by discharging silver ions into the water. These silver ions are added to the water via a simple electrolytic process, based on Faraday’s First Law of Electrolysis, where a small DC current is passed through silver anodes. The silver ions have a strong bacterial effect that disinfect bacteria in the water for long periods of time, allowing potable water to be stored in tanks or bottles without the risk of bacteria re-appearing, for up to 6 months. The additional advantage of this system is that the silver ions are tasteless and have no smell, thus having no effect on the waters original taste.

Basic working principal

The basic working of the EK system is thus as follows:

  • Water flows through EK activator chamber from inlet to outlet
  • Required DC current is set on control box
  • DC current flows through the anode and across to the cathode
  • This DC current flow causes the release of silver ions from anode
  • Water flow carries the Ag+ions away through the outlet


  • Only method, asides from Chlorine that provides residual protection
  • In contrast to Chlorine,
    • Smell and taste neutral. Does not affect natural taste of the water
    • Does not lose effectiveness through evaporation
  • No harmful by-products
  • Does not corrode pipping
  • Can be used in systems using ozone as primary disinfection to reduce the ozone concentration
    • Lower ozone concentrations can mitigate the formation of harmful by-products
  • Effective water disinfection and conservation
  • Works well at high temperatures – Effective against Legionella
  • Easy to use and service
  • Low operating cost. Uses approximately 20W only
  • Minimum space required. Space required can be as compact as lm x lm
    • No additional space required for storage of hazardous consumables, such as is the case with chlorine and chlorine dioxide
  • Only low silver concentrations of 0.02 to O.O5ppm required. Well below WHO recommended limits
  • Proven technology since 1930. Used by NASA and the ISS for treating potable water in space


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Model Capacity m3/hr (silver ion dose < 50ppb) Nominal Power Consumption (W)
AQ EK-4 8 40
AQ EK-2/24 16 40
AQ EK-3/24 24 40
AQ EK-4/24 32 40
AQ EK-6/24 48 40

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