AHU-Series – UV disinfection system for Air Handling Units (AHU).

UV-Guard’s AHU-Series is a UV disinfection system for air handling units in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Uniquely customised for each application, an AHU-Series UV disinfection solution can be offered for any size of AHU.


  • Prevent microbial colonisation on HVAC coils and drainage trays
  • Fight against favourable bacteria and mould breeding ground environments to reduce biofilm formation
  • Reducing biofilms decreases the potential for harmful allergens and disease-causing microorganisms to become airborne
  • Increase efficacy of any Air Handling Unit to save power
  • Reduce coil replacement frequency and maintenance expenditure


  • High Output UV-C Lamps to inactivate biofilm-causing microorganisms
  • AHU door interlocking safety options available to prevent UV radiation exposure to operators
  • Digital display with UV lamp life timer, lamp LED indicators, audible lamp fail alarm
  • Volt free alarm contacts for connection to Building Management System (BMS)
  • Each solution customised and designed by UV-Guard to meet your unique needs


It is recommended that the unit is not on when operators are inside the AHU. If they are, operators must be protected from UV radiation using certified PPE for eyes and skin. Human exposure to UV radiation is extremely dangerous. It Is recommended that a door interlocking system be used.