UV Disinfection System Replacement Parts

We supply an extensive range of consumables and replacement parts to suit all brands of closed reactor and sewage treatment municipal channel UV disinfection systems.

UV-Guard can source and supply an extensive range of consumables and replacement parts to suit all brands and models of UV disinfection system – from closed reactor systems to municipal sewage treatment systems, we we have the UV spare parts to suit.

A UV disinfection system requires quality components to ensure it is operating at the required disinfection level. Our UV spare parts guarantee that your systems are running efficiently and effectively at all times.

We stock a wide range of high quality UV spares including: UV lamps, quartz thimbles & sleeves, UV intensity sensors & monitors, electronic ballasts, quartz wiping components, and miscellaneous items for all UV disinfection models. We support UV disinfection systems by some of the industry’s leading brands such as: Advance UV, Aquafides, Aquafine, Aquapro, Atlantic, Berson, BWT Bewades, Cynortic Water Guard, Davey Steriflo, Enaqua, GDW Aqua Lightech, Hanovia & Aquionics, LIT, Luminor, Phillips, Puretech Radfire, Rheem, Sanuvox, SITA, Steril-Aire, Sterilight, R-Can, Viqua, and  Trojan.

We also supply UV Pure Technologies, UV Guard, UVTA, Orica Watercare, IXOM, Van Remmen, Wallace & Tiernan, Siemens Barrier M, Wonder, Wyckomar, Xylem, Wedeco, ITT, Australian Ultra Violet and more.

We supply both OEM and aftermarket versions of equipment from our fully stocked warehouse. All of our aftermarket equipment has undergone compatibility and performance testing both in the lab and out in the field. Thanks to our extensive global supplier relationships, we’re able to bring you quality UV spares, at the best price possible. If we don’t have the required parts to hand, we’ll be able to source them for you quickly, and easily.As with all of our products, we provide unmatched customer service and technical support combined with a no qualms warranty policy. Our qualified water treatment engineers will talk you through individual project needs and advise you on which spare parts are needed. Get in touch now if you have any queries or issues.

Our customers benefit from:


Factory tested before supplied, consistent record of results in different applications and a preferred supplier to industry leaders.


Our qualified sales engineers ensure you get the right product to suit your needs first time, with same day dispatch.

Competitive pricing

Long standing global supplier relationships mean we have the ability to supply products at the best price.

UV Lamps

We stock Low Pressure UV lamps (LP), Low Pressure High Output UV lamps (LPHO), Amalgam UV lamps and Medium Pressure UV lamps for closed reactor and sewage treatment municipal channel UV systems. We supply both ozone producing and non-ozone producing UV lamps depending on the application or system model.

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UV Quartz Sleeves & Thimbles

We stock both quartz thimbles (domed at one end) and quartz sleeves (open at both ends) for Low Pressure and Medium Pressure reactor and sewage treatment municipal channel UV systems. Our thimbles and sleeves are made from pure fused quartz, allowing maximum UV output from the UV lamp to the liquid.

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UV Electronic Ballasts

We stock electronic ballasts for Low Pressure, Amalgam and Medium Pressure UV Lamps. All of our electronic ballasts have been expertly matched to electrical UV lamp data, prolonging lamp life whilst producing a consistently high level of performance.

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UV Controllers

We stock both indoor controllers and IP rated weatherproof PLC and industrial controllers for a range of lamp types including Low Pressure, Amalgam and Medium Pressure.

We can custom build to include UV intensity monitoring, over temperature management, remote monitoring, remote enable, LCD display screens, automatic wiping mechanisms and more. Our PLC controllers can also be programmed to include your company name on system start-up and designated service number to be displayed when the system goes into alarm. All PLC controllers are Australian made.

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Other UV Spare Parts

We stock UV intensity monitors, UV intensity sensors, UV lamp connectors, UV lamp leads, temperature management valves, o-rings, wiper blades, miscellaneous seals, view port lenses and a wide range of other UV system miscellaneous equipment.

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