Expert Technical Support & Servicing

Maintaining your UV disinfection system in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Keeping your UV system working perfectly.

Our commercially-qualified electricians have vast experience in providing maintenance to all brands and models of UV disinfection systems. They can perform all tasks from routine maintenance to more complex electrical works and repair.

We provide:

  • Open channel and closed reactor UV Disinfection System servicing for councils at drinking water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Swimming pool low pressure and medium pressure UV Disinfection System servicing for commercial aquatic centres
  • UV Disinfection System servicing at food and beverage production facilities
  • Maintenance for UV Disinfection Systems used in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Servicing of warm water UV Disinfection Systems in aged care facilities and hospitals to combat legionella
  • Aquaculture UV disinfection system servicing for fish farms and research facilities

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