CR-Series – UV disinfection of air and surfaces in cool rooms and cold storage areas.

UV-Guard’s CR-Series is a coolroom UV disinfection system for use in food & beverage and medical industries. The ceiling mounted CR-Series destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, mould spores and yeasts in cold stores and refrigerators.


  • Prolong storage periods and freshness of meat, fish and other food products – improve product quality and reduce the amount thrown away
  • Safely operate food cool rooms at a higher humidity to reduce meat trimmings, reduce shrinkage and retain juices – less wastage
  • Prevent sticky, biofilms from forming on surfaces – reduce cleaning intervals and costs
  • Eliminate odours and improve storage environment


  • Easy to mount stainless steel bracket with UV Lamp cprotector cage
  • UV Lamp type specifically selected for cool room use
  • Non ozone and ozone models available
  • Coolroom door interlocking safety options available to prevent UV radiation exposure to operators
  • Each solution customised and designed by UV-Guard to meet your unique needs


  • Meat control rooms
  • Bread and cheese starter rooms
  • Food cold stores
  • Microbial Laboratories


It is recommended that the unit is not on when operators are inside the cool room. If they are, operators must be protected from UV radiation using certified PPE for eyes and skin. Human exposure to UV radiation is extremely dangerous. It Is recommended that a door interlocking system or a timer be used.

Model Selection & Installation

  • Contact UV-Guard with your project requirements to ensure the correct solution is selected. Multiple units may be required depending upon cold room size.
  • Each CR-Series is recommended to be installed onto the ceiling with the electrical power end in line with the air flow.
  • An electrician is required to connect the CR-Series to power.
Power Connection Requirement 240 volts 50 Hz
Power Consumption 0.27 amps
Dimensions (cm) a = 83, b = 12, c = 10
Weight (kg) 3.9