UVG HWC Home Series – Hard water conditioner for scale control

Does your home have a hard water problem?

Water hardness is most commonly caused by dissolved Calcium and Magnesium minerals. You may have a hard water problem in your home water supply if you notice any of the following tell-tale signs:

  • Drinking water tasting or smelling funny
  • Toilet bowl, sinks, showers and bath staining
  • Scaling on all water outlets
  • Soap scum in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Spots on dishwasher cleaned glassware and dishes
  • Loss of pressure in shower heads and unable to wash off soap or create sufficient lather
  • Dry skin, irritation and dandruff after bathing or showering

UVG HWC Applications

The HWC-Series produces softer water in a variety of applications including:

  • Washing machines – use softer water to produce softer, more comfortable laundry
  • Dishwashers – no more hard water spots on newly washed glassware and dishes
  • Showers – wash in softer water for less skin irritations and cleaner hair
  • Swimming Pools – reduce chemicals required, remove scale build up on pool walls, increase life of pool pumps, reduce backwashing
  • Entire home plumbing – remove existing scale (descale) within all pipework and protect heating elements in all home appliances


  • Installed inline within pipework – small footprint, no tanks required
  • 24/7 operation – no backwashing or resin regeneration to interrupt treatment process
  • No added salt (sodium chloride) or other chemicals (potassium chloride) – no health concerns or environmental damage due to high salt water content (brine)
  • Nothing is removed from water – vital minerals for human health are maintained unlike with RO systems
  • Maintenance and power free – no operational costs
  • Multiple models to suit specific hard water conditioning needs and existing pipework size
Before installing UV-Guard’s Hard Water Conditioner, Calcium used to build-up on every surface, Iron was also staining our toilets and basins. Now there is no Calcium build-up and the Iron staining is easily wiped away.

Heidi, QLD

Since installing our Shower Water Conditioner, the whole family has noticed the difference. We all have softer, more manageable hair and my son no longer has as many skin irritations.

Allison, NSW

Since installing the water conditioner we are using less washing powder, soap and shampoo. The life of our hot water element also appears to have been extended.

Sally, WA

It took a few weeks to clean the calcium build-up from the pipes and the results were astonishing. I honestly cannot speak more highly of the product and installation was so easy.

Ray, WA

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Model Application / Average Flow Rate Inlet / Outlet Connections Material
UVG HWC-S Shower 1/2″ male or female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-HA Home appliances 3/4″ male or female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-HP Home swimming pool 2″ Flexible coupling PVC
UVG HWC-1 Whole of house – 18 Lpm 3/4″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-2 Whole of house – 34 Lpm 3/4″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-3 Whole of house – 56 Lpm 1″ female BSP 316 SS
UVG HWC-6 Whole of house – 100 Lpm 2″ female BSP 316 SS