SD-Series – UV Disinfection of surfaces with the UV-Guard UV Surface Disinfector.

UV-Guard’s UV Surface Disinfector (SD-Series) is a handheld device used for decontamination of viruses, bacteria and moulds located on surfaces.

The UV-Guard UV Surface Disinfector is used by slowly passing it over potentially contaminated surfaces. The UVC radiation applied to these surfaces results in pathogens being destroyed outright or being unable to replicate. This improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reduces the spread of disease.

Features & Benefits

    • Utilises germicidal UV Lamps to generate UVC radiation

    • There is no microorganism known to be immune to UVC light – E. coli, Influenza (flu), Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria & more

    • No ozone or other subsequent contaminates generated

    • Quality 316 stainless steel construction

    • UV-Guard UV Surface Disinfector housing design protects users from harmful UV rays

    • Teflon coated UV Lamp protective quartz

    • Easy to use – plug and play design

    • Portable and versatile – requires a single 240V GPO


  • Apply in medical facilities to reduce spread of disease – hospitals, doctor surgeries & waiting rooms

  • Protect aged care & nursing home occupants and staff

  • Decontaminate modes of transport – aeroplanes, trains, buses, cars & ferries

  • Ensure surfaces in restaurants, cafés and bars are pathogen free

  • Disinfect gym equipment and remedial tables in sport and fitness facilities

  • Reduce contamination in food & beverage production and process facilities

  • Prevent cross-contamination in pharmaceutical laboratories

How to use

  1. Ensure the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is worn to protect eyes and skin in the event of accidental exposure to UV light.

  2. Place UV Surface Disinfector on ground so that UV light gap in housing is facing down.

  3. Plug unit into power outlet.

  4. Slowly pass UV Surface Disinfector over surface. Refer to the below guide for estimated exposure times required to reduce some well-known viruses and bacteria.


Human exposure to UV radiation is extremely dangerous. It is recommended that users of the UV Surface Disinfector protect their eyes and skin from UV rays. Certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be used. It is recommended that the Wand is not turned on in areas where any person is not wearing PPE. UV-Guard Service Australia Pty Ltd holds no responsibility for misuse of the UV Surface Disinfector and any associated damages.

Power Required Power Consumption Dimensions
240V 10A (standard GPO) 32W A = 600 B = 160 C = 50