Aquaculture farmers and operators rely on the quality of their process water to successfully hatch eggs, rear juvenile fish, shellfish or crustaceans and optimise their growth. Poor inflow water quality, recirculation of tank water contaminated by fish diseases and discharging of pathogenic effluents can cause the failure of an aquaculture operation. Ultra-violet disinfection is a versatile and proven method to eradicate these risks in the aquaculture industry.

If you operate a zoo, own an aquarium, or any other venue with a fish or animal tank, a UV sterilizer is essential for protecting your investment. Sick, dying marine life will have a negative effect on your bottom line, and without the adequate measures in place your fish are vulnerable to a host of diseases, which can quickly become contagious. UV-Guard aquarium UV Sterilizers provide a convenient method of keeping your marine life safe and healthy, and your customers happy.

There are no aquaculture microorganisms known to be immune to UV Disinfection. Additionally, UV Disinfection is a chemical free process, there is no risk of overdosing and no formation of by-products, resulting in a process that is environmentally friendly and safe for fish. UV Disinfection systems are specified based on the UV dose required to control species specific pathogens. Depending on the bacteria, protozoa, fungi or virus that needs to be controlled, recommended UV dose rates in the aquaculture industry range between 30 mJ/cm2 to 250 + mJ/cm2.

UV-Guard have custom Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and treatment solutions for the following fresh water, brackish water and sea water aquaculture applications:

  • Fish, crustacean and shellfish farming – Improve quality and increase production yields of salmon, bass, abalone, oyster, prawn, mussels, shrimp and any other aquaculture stock whilst protecting against species specific diseases in the grow out stage of farming
  • Hatcheries – Safeguard broodstock, hatching fish, larvae and fry by using non chemical pathogen protection methods at this highly sensitive and critical farming stage.
  • Marine well boats – Protect fish stocks during transportation to and from onshore and offshore aquaculture farming facilities.
  • Aquariums and zoos – Allow marine life to flourish and to be safeguarded in their environments whilst ensuring aquatic life is appreciated clearly by attraction visitors.

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection has the following benefits for your aquaculture water treatment needs:

  • No harmful by-products – chemical free, environmentally and human friendly
  • No micro-organism is known to be immune to UV – unlike some chemical treatments
  • Minimise antibiotic use in fish farms – save costs
  • Enable the safe increase of fish densities – mitigate the greater risk of contamination
  • Maximise yields in existing fish farm infrastructures – easily retrofitted with a quick return on investment
  • Improve aquaculture production stability – control fluctuating micro-biological conditions
  • Proven performance and flexibility – can be used to disinfect total inflow, re-circulation flow and effluent to and from tanks, as shown in the below schematic diagrams

No matter the species, or aquaculture application, UV-Guard will specify a UV disinfection system to achieve the required UV dose to control specific pathogens, helping to improve your aquaculture operation.

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