Tropical Ice – process water UV disinfection for ice manufacturing


Tropical Ice, Mackay, QLD


Town and process water treatment for ice production process


Tropical Ice are an ice producer who supply over 110 tonnes of ice to their customers each day. Tropical Ice is one of the largest producers of high quality, food-grade ice in Australia. The water they use must meet all required Australian health regulations.

Tropical Ice contacted UV-Guard for assistance with their existing town water treatment setup where they were using carbon filtration, sediment filtration and ozone. The use of ozone had resulted in secondary corrosion of equipment used in the factory and so they were seeking an alternative. UV disinfection was their choice due to its chemical free, low installation/running cost and non-corrosive properties.


  • WaterMark certified UV reactor
  • Peak flow rate of 135 lpm
  • UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2
  • UV Transmittance ({973a8d5d966004f43fb86d9a31a852f076f10d3974a81c4d48a1dcd3f335f6f0}UVT) of 85{973a8d5d966004f43fb86d9a31a852f076f10d3974a81c4d48a1dcd3f335f6f0}
  • Non corrosive


  • UVG S125

ice-pipeThe WaterMark certified UVG S125 was selected by the UV-Guard Engineering team after analysing UV dose tables of the UVG S-Series. It met the required UV dose based on the quality and peak flow rate of water being processed. As the ice manufacturing process requires pure water, carbon filtration followed by sediment filtration down to a partial size of 5 microns acted as pre-treatment to the UV disinfection system. The UV system provides disinfection at the point of use to remove the risk of bacterial contamination within the manufacturing process.

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