UV Disc – Measurement of UV dose for curing and disinfection applications

For UV lamp curing and disinfection applications it is important that minimum UV doses are met. The UV Disc is a UV dose measuring instrument that allows operators to check the performance of UV curing systems and UV disinfection systems quickly.
The UV Disc is ideal where conveyor belts pass underneath UV Lamps such as in UV curing ovens, photo-resist exposure systems, printed board exposure systems or disinfection systems. Such applications are found in the following industries:

  • Printing
  • Furniture making
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage

Simply place the UV Disc on the conveyor belt or similar and it will display the achieved UV dose on the LCD screen.
With regular measurements, UV Lamp replacement intervals can be predicted, and the quality of UV curing or UV disinfection can be maintained.

When ordering this product, the UV Lamp detail must be provided to ensure that the correct measuring sensor is provided.

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