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Wilton Recycled Water Treatment Plant


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– Waste water UV disinfection


The construction of the 450 hectare Bingara Gorge community which included an 18-hole golf course required a Recycled Water Treatment Plant as it is a residential development located outside the normal wastewater network serviced by Sydney Water. Our customer Veolia was approached to build the project. The treated water would be used for irrigation on the golf course and gardens as well as for flushing toilets. The treated water would need to meet the stringent standards of the NSW Code of Practice – Management of private recycled water schemes as well as the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling. The project also wanted to achieve the Housing Industry Association’s first GreenSmart Advanced Estate accreditation for its environmentally friendly efforts.

The Recycled Water Treatment Plant was designed with a 4-barrier treatment process consisting of coarse filtration, ultrafiltration, UV Disinfection and chlorination.


  • Pre validated to DVGW, ÖVGW and SVGWstandards
  • Peak flow rate of 14 m3/hr
  • UV dose of 160 mJ/cm2
  • Compact design


  • 8 x Aquafides 1AF400T systems in two banks of four, each bank treating 7 m3/hr

1AF400TThe Aquafides 1AF400T system was selected for the project due to a number of features it possesses. It is suited towards applications where UV Transmittance ({973a8d5d966004f43fb86d9a31a852f076f10d3974a81c4d48a1dcd3f335f6f0}UVT) is as low as 2{973a8d5d966004f43fb86d9a31a852f076f10d3974a81c4d48a1dcd3f335f6f0} making it is the only 1 lamped validated system available on the market for such a poor water quality. The 1AF400T system was also selected for its compact and energy efficient design. By installing the systems in two banks of four, the required high UV dose of 160 mJ/cm2 was able to be achieved and the design allowed for a level of redundancy – UV disinfection can be provided even when a unit is being serviced.

For more information on the Wilton recycled water treatment plant project click here.

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