VR SUV-Series For Pharmaceutical Grade Disinfection

The Van Remmen Sanitary UV systems (VR SUV-Series) are specifically designed to meet the strict quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Each model in the series has extremely low internal surface roughness (RA < 0.5) and this is backed up by the third-party certificates. Sanitary tri-clamp connections and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved fluid contact materials are provided as standard, along with material 3.1 certification documentation.

Specific characteristics

  • UV intensity monitoring
  • Disinfection up to 49 m3/hr
  • Low roughness rating (RA < 0.5) with certificate (lower RA value available on request)
  • Tri-clamp sanitary connections
  • Material 3.1 certificates included
  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved fluid contact materials
  • Validated UV Lamp (100 hour test with certificate) available on request
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Model Capacity (m3/hr) at 99% UVT Connection Lamp Power
UV Dose 30mJ/cm2 UV Dose 40mJ/cm2
SUV50 6.3 4.7 1” Tri-Clamp 50
SUV60 9.3 7 1” Tri-Clamp 60
SUV80 16.5 12.3 1 ½” Tri-Clamp 80
SUV120 21.3 16 1 ½” Tri-Clamp 120
SUV205 49 36.8 1 ½” Tri-Clamp 205

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