VR V-Series For Highly Effective UV Disinfection

The VR V-Series has been developed to ascertainably reliably disinfect water with a transmittance between 80% and 99%.

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The V-Series has been performance tested according to NEN-EN 14897 standards at Van Remmen’s laboratory under supervision of an approved body. This involves using microorganisms in testing facilities to establish actual pathogen inactivation performance. The results of which form part of the V-Series performance guarantee provided by Van Remmen.

The VR V-Series is the most efficient validated UV disinfection system available in the world. Key to the system’s efficiency is Van Remmen’s unique internal flow management system. This combined with Long Life Low Pressure UV Lamps make the V-Series the choice for end users looking to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Specific characteristics

  • Models to disinfect water at flows between 0.6 m3/hr and 148 m3/hr
  • Validation according to NEN-EN 14897 by Van Remmen
  • KIWA ATA assay-mark – Dutch equivalent to Australian WaterMark
  • Low pressure UV lamps with up to 16,000 hour lamp life
  • Highly efficient – proprietary developed flow management system
  • Able to operate with internal pressures up to 16 bar
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Model Capacity (m3/hr) to achieve UV Dose 40mJ/cm2 Connection Lamp Power (W)
UV Transmission 85% UV Transmission 95%
V090 0.6 0.7 0.5″ Male BSP 18
V100 0.6 0.8 1″ Male BSP 25
V110 1.3 1.5 1″ Male BSP 50
V120 2.1 2.5 1″ Male BSP 50
V130 2.1 3.6 1.5″ Male BSP 50
V140 4.6 6.3 1.5″ Male BSP 60
V150 4.5 8.9 2″ Male BSP 80
V160 9.9 13.3 2″ Male BSP 120
V170 14.2 19.2 2″ Male BSP 205
V180 17.4 28.4 2.5″ Male BSP 205
V190 29 41.9 3″ Male BSP 325
V200 38 71.5 DN100 PN16 3 x 120
V220 55.3 100.4 DN100 PN16 3 x 205
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