VR W-Series For Wastewater Disinfection

The VR W-Series is a powerful UV system that reliably disinfects water with a transmittance (T10) between 40% and 60%.

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This series is suitable for waste water, effluent discharge or reusable streams. The W-Series can be equipped with wiping systems, either hand or automatic wiping, which limits the chances of a lower disinfection performance due to quartz sleeve fouling.

The VR W-Series is the most efficient wastewater UV disinfection system available globally. This is due to Van Remmen’s unique flow management system. This combined with Long Life Low Pressure UV Lamps make the W-Series the choice for operators seeking to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Specific characteristics

  • Models to disinfect wastewater with low UV Transmissions (UVT) between 40% and 60%
  • Flow rates of 0.5 m3/hr up to 120 m3/hr depending on UVT
  • Optional automatic or manual quartz wiper mechanisms
  • Low pressure UV lamps with up to 16,000 hour lamp life
  • Highly efficient – proprietary developed flow management system
  • Able to operate with internal pressures up to 16 bar
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Model Capacity (m3/hr) to achieve UV Dose 30mJ/cm2 Connection Lamp Power (W)
UV Transmission 50% UV Transmission 60%
W0.5 0.6 0.6 1.5″ Male BSP 25
W1 1 1.1 1.5″ Male BSP 50
W3 2.7 3.1 1.5″ Male BSP 120
W5 5.5 6.2 2″ Male BSP 205
W8 8.2 9.2 2″ Male BSP 325
W11 11.2 13.5 3″ Male BSP 325
W30 30 39 DN100 PN16 4 x 205
W50 51 67 DN150 PN16 4 x 325
W60 63 83 DN150 PN16 5 x 325
W70 73 99 DN200 PN16 6 x 325
W90 89 119 DN200 PN16 7 x 325

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