VR- C-Series For Highly Effective UV Disinfection

The VR C-Series has been third party validated and certified by the NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) to the CEN EN 14897:2006 code.

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The CEN protocol is based on the ÖNORM M 5873-1 and is similar to the USEPA 2003 and DVGW validation codes. This extensive certification process was undergone by all models in the C-Series, guaranteeing quality and treatment performance.

The VR C-Series is the most efficient third party validated and certified UV disinfection system available in the industry. This is due to Van Remmen’s unique flow management system. This combined with Long Life Low Pressure UV Lamps makes the C-Series the choice for operators looking to reduce running and maintenance costs, whilst being assured of disinfection performance.

The VR C-Series determines the appropriate UV dosage by linking measured UV intensity with real-time flow rate. This allows the system to shut off water flow in the event of required UV dose not being achieved.

Specific characteristics

  • Models to disinfect water at flows between 3.6 m3/hr and 134 m3/hr
  • Third party certified according to CEN EN 14897:2006 and NIPH (based on ÖNORM, similar to USEPA 2003 and DVGW)
  • KIWA ATA assay-mark – Dutch equivalent to Australian WaterMark
  • Certified ÖNORM UV sensor for UV dosage monitoring
  • Low pressure UV lamps with up to 16,000 hour lamp life
  • Highly efficient – proprietary developed flow management system
  • Able to operate with internal pressures up to 16 bar
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Model Capacity (m3/hr) to achieve UV Dose 40mJ/cm2 Connection Lamp Power (W)
UV Transmission 85% UV Transmission 95%
C340 4.6 6.3 1.5″ Male BSP 60
C360 9.9 13.3 2″ Male BSP 120
C370 14.2 19.2 2″ Male BSP 205
C380 17.4 28.4 2.5″ Male BSP 205
C390 29 41.9 3″ Male BSP 325
C400 38 71.5 DN100 PN16 3 x 120
C420 55.3 100.4 DN100 PN16 3 x 205