Legionnaires disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria that thrives in warm water. Low levels of Legionella are commonly found in drinking water supplies, however these multiply quickly to dangerous levels within warm water infrastructure such as in heated warm water or hot water recirculation systems.

Warm water or hot water systems consisting of water heaters, thermostatic mixing valves and a warm water ring main are often installed in nursing homes, hospitals, aged care facilities or any other building that requires warm water for showering and hand washing. The warm water users in these buildings may have lowered immune systems, putting them at higher risk of contracting legionnaires disease.

Legionella in water systems can be treated using UV disinfection. Legionella water treatment with UV disinfection is an effective and chemical free approach. Unlike chlorine use, there is no harm in overdosing and no need to store dangerous chemicals in plant rooms.

UV-Guard utilises technologically advanced low pressure amalgam UV lamps for our warm water UV disinfection systems. These lamps have a stable UV-C output across a range of temperatures unlike standard low pressure UV lamps.

UV-Guard can provide complete warm water UV disinfection systems and spare parts for other UV disinfection products provided by Rheem, Rinnai and Apricus. We stock spare parts for the Rheem Guardian 940080, 940160 and 940240 models which use model numbers 94001 and 940002 UV disinfection systems. We also support the UV disinfection systems used on the Rinnai Demand Duo with UV lamps, quartz sleeves and sealing o-rings in addition to the Apricus range of warm water systems.

UV-Guard also offer the complimentary UVG-HWC (Hard Water Conditioner) which is a chemical and electrical free device used to reduce scaling potential of heated and hard water. These systems reduce fouling on quartz sleeves within UV disinfection systems which ensures that the UV light is penetrating the water source at all times. The UVG HWC-Series has the added benefit of reducing scale throughout the hot water ring main.

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