UV-Guard’s industrial UV water treatment systems can be implemented into any water application where disinfection is required. Our systems provide disinfection in-line at the point of use making them an efficient and economical safeguard against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. By installing a UV-Guard UV disinfection system, industrial waste waters can also be recycled and reused, reducing water usage and costs associated with wastewater discharge.

We have vast experience in the control of Legionella within warm and hot water systems. The pathogen thrives in the hot water infrastructure within nursing homes and other buildings and poses a huge danger if it comes into human contact. Our UV systems for warm and hot water systems utilise low pressure amalgam UV lamps. The UV output of our amalgam UV lamps is not hugely impacted by operating temperatures up to 60 degrees, making them the ideal choice for warm water industrial UV sterilizer systems.

The water recirculation process in cooling towers makes it an ideal environment for microorganisms to thrive. Airborne and incoming water contaminants enter the cooling system, resulting in microorganism colonisation, reduced system efficiency and increased maintenance requirements. Our industrial water treatment systems can be installed to treat full or partial water re-circulatory flow in cooling towers; destroying microorganisms, reducing chemical usage, increasing safety, and optimising system performance.

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