Stormwater is generated when surface water runs off (runoff) from impervious or semi-impervious surfaces such as roads, carparks, pavements and driveways. Stormwater treatment plays a key role in any stormwater management plan. If a stormwater purification system is designed correctly, the treated stormwater can be used for a number of applications, reducing stress on aged stormwater drains and outlets whilst reducing the amount of town water required.

Stormwater harvesting and stormwater treatment systems produce a sustainable water source that is suitable for playing field, parkland & golf course irrigation, sport facility toilet flushing, vehicle & equipment wash down, display fountains, industrial complexes and many other applications. Due to the potential for human contact, disinfection of treated stormwater must be provided. UV stormwater disinfection offers an effective and chemical free approach to storm water treatment.

UV-Guard specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of stormwater UV disinfection systems both large and small. Our partnerships locally and globally mean that we can also provide stormwater pre-treatment such as course and fine sediment removal for improved UV disinfection system performance.

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