About Van Remmen UV Technology

Van Remmen UV Technology is the creator of the most sustainable UV disinfection systems in Europe.

Van Remmen stand for progress.

Van Remmen believe in sustainable disinfection processes and developed the technology that makes this possible. With a passion for technology and the ambition to have a solution to every issue.

How did it all start?

Founder Ton van Remmen discovered the importance of efficient water use back in the 90s. As an engineer for Euroconsult, he worked on a variety of irrigation and drainage projects in Asia. He was able to improve the locals’ quality of life by helping them achieve better crop yields with less water.

He brought his new insights back to the Netherlands, where he founded Van Remmen UV Technology in 1999. Ton: “UV disinfection is a beautiful sustainable product with which we can contribute to a better world. A world where clean water, safe food, and a hygienic environment are all commonplace. By continuously innovating, that world comes closer and closer.”

Our passion

We make UV disinfection systems for liquids and surfaces, where two aspects are at the core: security and sustainability.

We want to offer the most profitable solutions for every application. To guarantee the effectivity of our systems, each series undergoes extensive practical testing and validation processes with micro organisms. Not because we have to, but because we want to give our clients security.

Our systems are sustainable at the core. UV disinfection uses no chemicals and the disinfected product is not affected in any way. Additionally, our systems are aimed at ultimately efficient energy use and minimal maintenance needs. Thanks to a unique flow pattern and low-energy low-pressure lamps, the best results are reached at the lowest energy costs. That is environmentally friendly, but above all, it saves time, effort, and a lot of money.

We think highly of our line of work and appreciate coming up with solutions. Together with our distributors, dealers, installers, and resellers, we will find the right UV solution for your organisation.

What do we do?

We are specialised in designing and producing UV disinfection systems and advanced oxidation systems for various markets. Van Remmen UV Technology has its own stainless steel production company in Lichtenvoorde, H&F, and offers custom stainless steel production. This is a crucial aspect of our systems.

Our systems are used for potable water preparation, legionella management, disinfection of and chlorine reduction in swimming water, and the destruction of micro pollutions in water flows for agricultural and industrial companies. We also do surface disinfections on conveyor belts and food and drink packaging.

Each challenge requires its own solution. That’s why we developed special systems for various markets.

UV Guard is the exclusive distributor for Van Remmen Systems in Australia.

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