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Silver Ion Water Treatment

Silver ion water treatment turns ordinary water into a pure, safe elixir for your home and business.

The proven technology of using silver ions to disinfect water has been used since 1930.

With NASA and the International Space Station using silver ion water treatment, you can trust that your water will be as clean as the water astronauts drink in space!

What Is Silver Ion Water?

This isn't just any water; it's been given a special treatment where tiny particles of silver, known as ions, are added.

Water treated this way is safe for consumption when used correctly, following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines on the acceptable levels of silver in drinking water for daily use.

So why silver?

These ions are known for their ability to wipe out bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms to produce ultra-clean water.

Think of it like adding a shield to your water. These silver ions float around, ready to tackle any bacteria that might try to make the water their home. The best part? They do this without changing the taste or smell of the water! It's the water you're used to but with an extra layer of protection.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Silver ion-treated potable water (water safe to drink or use in food preparation) can remain disinfected in tanks or bottles for up to six months without the risk of bacteria re-appearing.

Unlocking the Potential of Silver Ion Treated Water

Silver ion treated water has a range of applications.


  • Keeps the water from your taps free from bacteria and safe to drink, cook with, and wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Protects appliances like water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers from scale and microbial buildup.
  • Provides cleaner water for bathing and showering, reducing the risk of skin irritations.


  • Sterilises hospital and healthcare facility equipment and provides safe water for patients, especially where waterborne infections are a concern.
  • Keeps water used in processing and manufacturing for the food and beverage industry free from contamination.
  • Maintains high water quality standards for guests in hotels and resorts, from drinking water to swimming pools.
  • Keeps stored water in large buildings and facilities clean and safe over time.

How Does UV Guard’s Silver Ion Water Treatment Work?

Our silver ion water treatment system uses silver ions to disinfect water, killing bacteria, viruses, and algae. The process releases positively charged silver ions that disrupt the growth of these microorganisms.

Silver ionisation systems are ideal for cooling towers, hospitals, and large residential complexes to control Legionella and other harmful organisms. Installation is usually specialised and requires professional help to integrate into larger commercial systems.

Maintenance involves monitoring silver ion levels and replacing the silver electrodes as they wear out, which could be yearly or less frequently, depending on usage.

Now let’s discuss details about the innovative, high-quality UV Guard silver ion water treatment system.

AQ Silver lonisation™

This system disinfects and conserves water quality using silver ions. These are added to the water via a simple electrolytic process, where a small direct current (DC) passes through silver anodes.

Our system uses low silver concentrations of 0.02 to 0.05 ppm (parts per million), which is well below the WHO's recommended limits.

You can use the AQ Silver lonisation™ system to treat water for drinking or food preparation. That water can then remain disinfected in tanks or bottles without the risk of bacteria re-appearing for up to six months.

What are the key features and benefits of our AQ Silver lonisation™ system?

  • Silver ions are tasteless and have no smell, so the water's original taste isn't affected.
  • The only water disinfection method, aside from chlorine, that provides residual protection.
  • No harmful by-products.
  • Doesn't corrode piping.
  • Works well at high temperatures.
  • Easy to use and service.
  • Low operating cost- uses approximately 20W.

Combining Silver Ion and UV Disinfection Methods

Combining these water treatment methods gives you the best of both worlds.

UV light offers an immediate, chemical-free way to purify water, while silver ions provide a long-term safeguard against contamination. This synergy means the water is not only treated at the point of purification but continues to remain safe as it travels through pipes or sits in storage.

Here's how silver ion and UV disinfection methods work together.

  1. UV disinfection: Water passes through a system where it's exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light rays. These rays effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. They do this by damaging the DNA of these pathogens, rendering them harmless and unable to reproduce. UV treatment is quick, efficient, and doesn't add any chemicals to the water.
  2. Silver ions: After UV treatment, silver ions come into play. While UV light is excellent at killing microorganisms, it doesn't provide lasting protection. This is where silver ions shine. They're added to the water and continue to provide disinfection over time. Silver ions inhibit the growth of any residual or newly introduced bacteria in the water. They create a hostile environment for microbial life, so the water remains safe and clean for longer.

FAQs About Silver Ion Water Treatment

Are There Any Side Effects of Ionised Silver?2023-12-08T18:31:51+11:00

There can be side effects if ionised silver is used excessively, such as skin discolouration (argyria) and potential silver accumulation in the body.

However, these are rare and usually associated with significantly higher levels than those used in standard silver ion water treatments.

What Are the Main Benefits of Silver Ions?2023-12-08T18:31:33+11:00
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial effectiveness.
  • Long-lasting water disinfection.
  • Safe for human use within recommended levels.
  • Non-toxic alternative to chemicals.
  • Odourless and tasteless in water.
Is Silver Ion Safe for Drinking Water?2023-12-08T18:30:15+11:00

Yes, silver ion is a safe form of drinking water when used within recommended levels. It effectively disinfects water without posing health risks.

Harness the Power of Silver Ions for Superior Water Disinfection

Using silver ions for water purification provides long-lasting, non-toxic disinfection.

Go one step further by combining silver ion and UV disinfection for the highest water quality.

Silver ions bring unparalleled antibacterial properties, keeping water safe and pure long after initial treatment. When coupled with UV light's immediate and effective disinfection power, you get a dynamic duo that guarantees your water remains pristine and healthy for all uses. Whether for your home or your business, this synergy of technologies promises peace of mind and superior water hygiene.

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