Heraeus UV Spare Parts

UV Guard supply replacement Heraeus Noblelight* UV lamps. We offer both original Heraeus and equivalent non-genuine replacements depending on your requirements.

View some of the replacement Heraeus UV Lamps we offer below.

GPH135T5L/4 GPH287T5VH/4 G36T5VH/4 NAQ 200/120 XL NNI 201/107 XL
GPH135T5VH/4 GPH317T5L/4 G64T5L/4 NAQ 290/155 XL NNI 280/107 XL
GPH150T5L/4 GPH357T5L/4 G64T5L MBP SE NIL 170/90 NNI 300/100 XL
GPH150T5VH/4 GPH357T5VH/4 G64T5L Single Pin NIQ 125/84 XL NNI 300/112 XL
GPH212T5L/4 GPH436T5L/4 G64T5VH/4 NIQ 200/104 XL NNI 300/147 XL
GPH212T5VH/MBP SE GPH436T5L/MBP G64T5VH Single Pin NIQ 300/147 XL NNI 400/147 XL
GPH212T5VH/4 GPH436T5VH/4 GPH1630T5VH MBP NNI 120/84 NNI 60/35 XL
GPH237T5L/4 GPH793T5L/4 GHO36T5L/4 NNI 122/87 NNI 82/62
GPH265T5L/4 GPH793T5VH GHO36T5VH/4 NNI 125/84 XL NNI 90/53 XL
GPH265T5VH/4 G36T5L Single Pin GHO64T5L/4 NNI 150/76 XL
GPH287T5L/4 G36T5L/4 GHO64T5VH/4 NNI 200/107

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our experienced sales engineers and they will establish exactly what you need.

*The Heraeus trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners and although we refer to them and their models, UV-Guard are in no way endorsed by or associated with these companies.

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