HVAC UV Light Systems for Air Handling Units, Packaged Air Conditioners and more.

Product Information

UV-Guard’s Fan Coil UV Disinfection System (FC-Series) is a versatile HVAC UV Disinfection Solution. The FC-Series can be retrofitted into new and existing Air Handling Units (AHUs), Fan Coils, Packaged Air Conditioners, Split Air Conditioning Systems and other in-room ventilators.

  • Prevent microbial colonisation in HVAC cooling coils and drip trays to improve efficiency and save power
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by destroying viruses and bacteria that pass-through Air Conditioners
  • Decreases the potential for harmful allergens and disease-causing viruses to become airborne
  • Continuously cleans HVAC systems to reduce chemical and maintenance expenditure
  • High output low pressure UV Lamps - maximum UV output and lamp life. Non ozone and ozone versions available.
  • UV Lamp shatterproof protective coating – UV Lamps encapsulated in protective material to protect from moisture and prevent contamination in the event of UV Lamp breakages.
  • IP68 UV Lamp to Ballast connector – Creates a watertight connection from UV Lamp to Electronic Ballast to prevent moisture damage.
  • Long Ballast to UV Lamp lead – Lead from Electronic Ballast to UV Lamp connector is 5m as standard allowing for control systems to be installed outside of AHUs.
  • Electronic Ballasts – Compact to fit into installations where available space is limited and universal 120-240V.
  • UV Lamp fault contacts – Included in the Electronic Ballast design as standard to notify controller and operators of system faults.
  • Easy to install and maintain - Quick fit stainless steel snap in brackets easily mountable to frames and other support structures.
  • Minimum footprint – The compact design means that the FC-Series can be installed into locations where competitor UV systems cannot
  • Five models in the range – to suit small and large installations. Customisable models are also available.
  • UV intensity monitor – An optional feature to measure and display UV intensity. Monitor can be integrated into a supervisory controller to notify operators if the UV intensity is below a pre-defined value.

Each FC-Series kit comes with high output UV Lamp encapsulated in a shatterproof protective coating, Electronic Ballast, watertight UV Lamp to Electronic Ballast connector, 5m lead from Electronic Ballast to UV Lamp, stainless steel snap in UV Lamp brackets and mounting screws.

Contact UV Guard to ensure the correct FC-Series model is selected for your application.

Model UV Lamp Length (mm) UVC Intensity @1m (uW/cm2) Ballast Dimensions (mm) UV Lamp Bracket Dimensions
FC27 287 75 215L x 44W x 26D 25H x 9W x 12D
FC55 515 105 215L x 44W x 26D 25H x 9W x 12D
FC80 843 182 215L x 44W x 26D 25H x 9W x 12D
FC110 1197 231 215L x 44W x 26D 25H x 9W x 12D
FC150 1554 266 215L x 44W x 26D 25H x 9W x 12D


It is recommended that the unit is not on when operators are inside the AHU. If they are, operators must be protected from UV radiation using certified PPE for eyes and skin. Human exposure to UV radiation is extremely dangerous. It Is recommended that a door interlocking system be used.

UV Guard Applications

Our market-leading UV disinfection systems deliver outstanding results across an extensive range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Bus / Train Depots







Shopping Centres


The HWC-Series took a few weeks to clean the calcium build-up from the pipes and the results were astonishing. I honestly cannot speak more highly of the product and installation was so easy.

Ray, WA

Since installing the water conditioner we are using less washing powder, soap and shampoo. The life of our hot water element also appears to have been extended.

Sally, WA

Since installing our Shower Water Conditioner, the whole family has noticed the difference. We all have softer, more manageable hair and my son no longer has as many skin irritations.

Allison, NSW

Before installing UV-Guard’s Hard Water Conditioner, Calcium used to build-up on every surface, Iron was also staining our toilets and basins. Now there is no Calcium build-up and the Iron staining is easily wiped away.

Heidi, QLD

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