ZED TinyMeter

Portable Reference UV Intensity Sensor and Monitor

The ZED TinyMeter is used to check that the UV intensity sensor installed on existing UV water treatment systems is accurate. The device should be used as part of any service and operation regime to ensure that UV intensity levels reported by your UV Disinfection System are correct.

How to use:

  1. Record UV intensity displayed on your UV Disinfection System
  2. Ensure appropriate PPE is worn and remove UV intensity sensor from UV Reactor
  3. Install UV sensor attached to the TinyMeter into UV Reactor
  4. Record UV intensity displayed on the TinyMeter
  5. If the two measurements are different, contact UV-Guard for a new sensor for your UV Disinfection System or to have it calibrated
  6. Reinstall UV intensity sensor into UV Reactor

Use this reference UV intensity sensor and monitor on a variety of DVGW and ÖNORM compliant UV Disinfection Systems manufactured by Wedeco, UV-Guard, LIT, SITA, and more. To find out if this device is suitable for your UV water treatment system, contact UV-Guard.

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