Performance-optimised medium pressure UV treatment for commercial applications.

Product Information

UV Guard’s MPX-Series offers compact, high-performance medium pressure UV systems for flows up to 1000m3/hr. Variable power polychromatic UV lamp drivers deliver market-leading efficiency with smooth automatic dimming for ‘Optimised’ and customised ‘User Profile’ power modes. The MPX-Series is ideal for commercial swimming pools, water features, industrial process water, wastewater and potable water applications.

  • Commercial swimming pool chloramine destruction at flows from 10 - 800 m3/hr
  • Drinking water disinfection at flows up to 1200 m3/hr and beyond
  • Intelligent ‘Optimised’ mode for automatic variable power
  • Large 7” HMI touchscreen for easy operation & monitoring
  • Small footprint ideal for horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Interlock UV Lamp safety device & UV Reactor temperature management system


  • 7” HMI touchscreen – monitor system performance and manage settings with ease
  • Intelligent ‘Optimised’ mode – smooth automatic variable power of the UV Lamp according to changes in water quality
  • Customisable 24-hour ‘User Profile’ mode – pre-define power settings for each hour of the day
  • Standard ‘Max’ and ‘Eco’ modes – manually change the UV Lamp output according to treatment requirements
  • Time stamped error log – check historical errors to assist with troubleshooting
  • Interlock UV Lamp safety device – prevents UV Lamp from being ignited outside of UV Reactor
  • Two-step UV Reactor temperature management – reduces power of UV Lamps to manage overheating and shuts down if critical temperature is reached
  • Convenient maintainance – UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeves accessible from one end of UV Reactor.


  • Market leading medium pressure UV Lamp technology – polychromatic UV spectrum for disinfection and/or breakdown of oxidants and combined Chlorine
  • Advanced variable power Electronic UV Lamp Drivers – greater efficiency and less power with stepless variable power 14%-100%
  • Optimised UV Lamp configuration – designed using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • In-line UV Reactor design – hydraulically efficient to minimise headloss
  • Certified ÖNORM UV intensity sensor – accurate UV intensity measurement to indicate water quality deterioration and control UV Lamp dimming functionality.


Model Disinfection Capacity Chloramine Reduction Capacity Inlet/Outlet
MPX20 30 m3/hr 20 m3/hr 2", 3" PN16 Flange
MPX35 53 m3/hr 35 m3/hr 3", 4" PN16 Flange
MPX50 72 m3/hr 48 m3/hr 4", 5" PN16 Flange
MPX70 108 m3/hr 72 m3/hr 4", 5" PN16 Flange
MPX90 134 m3/hr 89 m3/hr 5", 6" PN16 Flange
MPX100 149 m3/hr 100 m3/hr 5", 6" PN16 Flange
MPX120 179 m3/hr 119 m3/hr 6", 8" PN16 Flange
MPX190 284 m3/hr 190 m3/hr 8" PN16 Flange
MPX250 374 m3/hr 249 m3/hr 8", 10" PN16 Flange
MPX310 463 m3/hr 308 m3/hr 10" PN16 Flange
MPX390 589 m3/hr 393 m3/hr 10" PN16 Flange
MPX650 981 m3/hr 654 m3/hr 12" PN16 Flange
MPX820 1228 m3/hr 819 m3/hr 12" PN16 Flange


I recently purchased a MPX20 ultra violet unit for a water play feature in Victoria. UV Guards assistance in making sure that we had the right unit for the project was second to none and gave us the confidence to purchase this unit. UV Guards Technical support was excellent and made it easy to install and operate the unit.

Peter Naughton - Managing Director

International Fountains

We use UV Guard’s S-Series on our warm water systems which are commonly installed in locations that house residents with lowered immune systems. The UV Disinfection Systems act as a barrier against Legionella – inactivating the bacteria to minimise legionnaires disease being contracted. We find these systems easy to install and UV Guard’s pre and post-sale support is second to none.

Daniel Dillenbeck

Warm Water Treatment System Manufacturer

I would recommend UV-Guard as a supplier of quality, dependable UV equipment with excellent back up service and support. The UV-Guard equipment is an integral part of our Quality Management System and HACCP program to ensure a safe, quality product is continuously produced in our bottling plants.

Bruce Taylor – National Technical Manager

Nu-Pure Beverages

Our UV equipment is an integral part of our purified water generation system where treatment consistency is key. UV-Guard ensure that all our UV systems are operating optimally by providing maintenance and spare parts.

Renuk Bandaranayake – Process Engineer


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