From large-scale wastewater disinfection operations to small-scale systems, UV treatment is a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution. More and more wastewater treatment plants are adopting this method over chemical-based disinfection methods, such as chlorine gas.

UV Disinfection for Wastewater Treatment

Global data shows UV disinfection offers a significantly safer wastewater treatment option for communities and plant workers. It effectively destroys virtually all harmful microorganisms such as E.coli, Salmonella, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, making it a comprehensive approach for wastewater discharge treatment. With no carcinogenic by-products or negative impacts on aquatic life and the environment, UV disinfection is also genuinely sustainable.

For a majority of municipal wastewater UV disinfection tenders, a minimum required UV dose is specified. Where this figure is not provided, UV Guard will apply global best-practice to provide a recommended UV dose rate to achieve a certain treated water total coliform value.

Related Products

  • MPX-Series™


    Performance-optimised medium pressure UV treatment for commercial applications.

  • S-Series™


    Versatile UV water disinfection for moderate-flow Industrial and Commercial applications.

  • X-Series™


    Compact UV disinfection for large-flow Commercial and Industrial applications.

  • VR V-Series™


    The VR V-Series has been developed to ascertainably reliably disinfect water with a transmittance between 80% and 99%.

  • VR C-Series™


    The VR C-Series has been third party validated and certified by the NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) to the CEN EN 14897:2006 code.

  • VR W-Series™


    The VR W-Series is a powerful UV system that reliably disinfects water with a transmittance (T10) between 40% and 60%

  • WF-Series™

    Comprehensive range of cartridge and bag water filter systems.

Case Studies

  • Veolia Validated UV disinfection for wastewater treatment plant

    The construction of the 450 hectare Bingara Gorge community which included an 18-hole golf course required a Recycled Water Treatment Plant as it is a residential development located outside the normal wastewater network serviced by Sydney Water. Our customer Veolia was approached to build the project.

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