UV Filter Water: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re looking to remove up to 99.99% of harmful organisms from your drinking water without relying on harmful chemicals like chlorine, UV filters are an innovative solution for you.

Ultraviolet light filtration makes water safe for human consumption by zapping microorganism cells and causing irreversible damage to their DNA, stopping them from reproducing and causing them to die. Almost instantaneous, UV filter water is fast, cost-effective and the first line of defence against water-borne diseases within the home.

How Does a UV Filter Water System Work?

UV water filter systems work by relying on the germicidal power of ultraviolet light (UV). UV radiation causes irreversible damage to harmful pathogens in water and other liquids, destroying DNA and causing the cells to shrink, stop reproducing and die off.

Ultraviolet water filters come with a UV-C lamp, which emits short-wave radiation of between 100-280 nm. When water passes through the system, it moves through a filter which picks up physical debris like dirt and microplastics before entering the UV chamber. Encased in a quartz sleeve for protection, the UV lamp passes UV light through the water, hitting any microorganism with a concentrated dose of radiation that destroys any harmful bacteria and microbes.

UV-C light passes through translucent materials like water but doesn’t stay in it. This means the UV radiation passes through the water at the point of contact in the chamber, but won’t stay in the water as it moves out of the system. This means you can get delicious-tasting, clean drinking water that is free from chemicals and radiation.

What Are The Benefits of a UV Filter Water?

One of the best parts of choosing UV filter water over traditional purification methods is that it’s an environmentally friendly method of water treatment. There are no residual impacts on aquatic wildlife, and the lack of chemicals means you don’t produce harmful by-products during the treatment process.

Zoospores, bacteria, viruses, parasites and cysts can all be neutralised using UV filtration. Effective at combating diseases like salmonella, gastroenteritis and cholera, UV water filtration is a reliable, safe solution for cleaner drinking water in your home.

UV-filtered water is chemical-free, so it has no chemical taste or bad odours. Most systems are self-contained and don’t have any moving parts aside from the replaceable UV lamps, so they’re easier to clean and maintain. Plus, UV systems can also be used to remove chlorine, urea and ozone from your water, which can help you create ultra-pure water for specialist requirements.

Applications of UV Water Filters

Some use cases for UV water filters include:

  • Purifying drinking water
  • Maintaining healthy water for fish farming and ponds
  • Treatment of water and other liquids in industrial manufacturing, like when we helped Coca-Cola sterilise its liquid sugar.
  • Use a system like UV Guard’s S-Series to clarify water to meet laws and legislation across different industries. The S-Series features a 316L food-grade stainless steel UV reactor and multiple inlet and outlet options to suit varying needs.
  • Aquaculture and industrial water filtration, where UV Guard’s P-Series shines. With Schedule 80 uPVC and HDPE UV reactors in-built, the P-Series is perfect for saltwater and freshwater applications.

At UV Guard, we’re proud to offer Australia’s most comprehensive range of UV water filtration systems. With residential and industrial UV water filters available, our products shine thanks to our commitment to using innovative technology and environmentally forward solutions to provide cost-effective, efficient water sterilisation.

Residential Use: Safeguarding Your Home

Domestic drinking water can contain rotavirus, Hep A, salmonella and many other harmful diseases. The microorganisms that cause these illnesses can be effectively neutralised with UV light, and implementing a UV filtration system can safeguard your family from sickness.

For most homes, a simple under-the-sink sterilisation unit should be enough to guarantee safe drinking water all day long. UV Guard’s LED-Series™ is a compact, mercury -free uv water treatment solution. Featuring innovative light emitting diode (LED) UV technology, the range delivers excellent levels of energy efficiency, safety, reliability and operational life.

Ensuring Water Quality at Scale

UV can be used to sterilise water at scale. Wastewater, hospitality, food and beverage, process water and other commercial applications benefit from UV water disinfection, as they can effectively treat huge volumes of water without the need for expensive, harmful chemicals. A greener choice for many businesses, UV is adept at removing microorganisms to meet water purity laws and regulations.

The MPX-Series by UV Guard is a high-performance, medium-pressure UV filter water system that has flows of over 1000m³/hr. Perfect for commercial uses, it is optimised for filtering large volumes of water and has a touchscreen, intelligent automatic mode and an Eco mode to ensure maximum efficiency.

Need something that’s built to last and is really affordable to maintain? The X-Series has up to 16,000 hours of lamp life, which is 77% more than most UVC lamps. The X-Series UV reactor also keeps running costs down by using a precise configuration to reduce energy draw. Process water, ultrapure water, food and beverage and other industries with high water filtration needs will benefit greatly from this system.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have to adhere to strict water purity standards, especially when it comes to sterile water. Sterile water is used for water injections (often for pain relief and to prep a vein for medication), wound cleaning, sanitising surgical tools, and diluting medications as required.

UV water filtration allows healthcare organisations to sterilise large volumes of water en masse, effectively neutralising pathogens from a medical water supply. It is incredibly reliable and low-cost when compared with other water sterilisation methods, and a UV water purification system is an integral component in ensuring the safety of patients within these industries.

FAQs About UV Filter Water

Are there disadvantages to using UV filter water?2024-02-15T14:15:38+11:00

There are no health disadvantages to using UV-filtered water. You’ll need to consider the cost of purchasing and installing the system, as this can sometimes be high depending on the requirements.

To use UV filter water, you need a reliable power supply, and maintenance costs will also be needed to keep the system operating well. Maintenance is low, however, and you should only have to replace the lamp itself every 12 months or 9,000 operational hours.

Is it worth getting a UV filter water?2024-02-15T14:15:19+11:00

If you’re worried about pathogens, zoospores, bacteria and viruses in your drinking water, an ultraviolet water filter is absolutely worth it. You can guarantee safe, clean drinking water without using chemicals and creating harmful by-products of filtration.

Is a UV filter good for drinking water?2024-02-15T14:14:52+11:00

UV filter water is a great option for drinking water, as it removes all the nasties present in domestic water, including spores and other pathogens. As a chemical-free solution, UV leaves no bad taste or foul odours in your water, which means crystal clear, delicious drinking water every single time.

UV Guard’s innovative UV filtration systems use water flow filtration in conjunction with UV light to remove dirt and debris, including microplastics, from your drinking water.

Your Path to Pure Water With UV Guard

As explored, UV filter water offers many benefits. You can get fresh, clean drinking water without using chemicals, allowing you to remove up to 99% of harmful microorganisms worry-free. UV Guard is proud to be Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality UV water filtration systems, offering a variety of systems for residential and commercial uses.

Whether you’re looking to clean your pond water, disinfect your drinking water or need a commercial water purity solution, UV Guard is ready to find the perfect system for your needs.

Fill out this online form, and a member of our expert team will be in touch to help you choose the best UV water treatment system for your needs.

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