BWT Bewades UV Parts: UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves

UV-Guard supply *Bewades BWT UV replacement UV lamps, quartz thimbles or sleeves, o-ring seals and many other UV disinfection system spare parts. We provide spare parts for the Bewades BWT single and multiple low pressure high output and amalgam UV lamp models.

View some of the Bewades BWT UV replacement parts we offer below.

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Brand Model UV Lamp Quartz Sleeve or Thimble
Bewades BWT 80W80/11 LC 6-181008, BWT 80W 2-060717
Bewades BWT 100W100/11 LC 6-181014, BWT 100W 2-060773
Bewades BWT 200W200/11 LC 1-442447, BWT 200W 2-060774
Bewades BWT 240W80/22 EU 6-181008, BWT 80W 2-060717
Bewades BWT 320W80/35 EU 6-181008, BWT 80W 2-060717
Bewades BWT 600W/200/22N 1-442447, BWT 200W 2-060774

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our experienced sales engineers and they will establish exactly what you need.

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