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Grey Water Treatment Systems

Why let your grey water just go down the drain when you can repurpose it to create a more sustainable home or business?

UV Guard's innovative and cutting-edge solutions are star players in the wastewater disinfection arena. We've tailored our systems for various residential and commercial applications to reuse grey water safely.

What Is Grey Water?

Grey water is the wastewater from




Washing machines

Cooling systems

Manufacturing rinsing and washing processes

This wastewater is considered "grey" because it's relatively clean compared to black water (sewage).

Why should you care about grey water?

Treating and reusing this water saves valuable drinking water, reduces strain on sewage systems, and lowers overall water usage. In effect, your home or business will be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Residential grey water purification allows water reuse for

  • Toilet flushing
  • Doing laundry
  • Watering plants and gardens
  • Water features
  • Cleaning cars and outdoor surfaces
  • Refilling swimming pools and spas

Commercial grey water treatments allow water reuse for

  • Irrigation
  • Toilet flushing
  • Cooling systems
  • Industrial processes, such as manufacturing or cleaning

So, next time you wash the dishes, shower, or use water in your business, remember all the good that water could do if you reuse it!

How Do UV Guard’s Grey Water Treatment Systems Work?

We've designed our UV grey water treatment systems with a commitment to sustainability. They use ultraviolet light to eradicate harmful bacteria in grey water, turning it into treated water safe for reuse. How? Water is exposed to UV light as it flows through a chamber, disrupting the DNA of harmful organisms and rendering them harmless.

These systems consume minimal energy and eliminate the need for chemical treatments. So they're better for the environment, better for your health, and better for your back pocket!

Our UV grey water treatment systems are highly adaptable and can be integrated into any water application where disinfection is needed.

Home treatment systems are installed under the kitchen sink or at the point where water enters your home.

The benefits of UV disinfection for grey water at your house include

  1. Low maintenance: Typically just an annual lamp replacement.
  2. Space-saving: Residential UV systems are compact and can be easily accommodated in most homes.
  3. Safe: No handling of toxic chemicals.
  4. Cost-effective: Operating and maintenance costs are relatively low compared to other disinfection methods.

When it comes to installing commercial UV water disinfection systems, the system is added to the existing water supply line. For larger setups, multiple units can be installed. A professional should handle the installation to meet safety and building codes.

Regular upkeep, including bulb replacement and cleaning, is necessary for long-term effectiveness.

What are the benefits of using commercial and industrial UV grey water treatment systems?

  1. Scalability: Industrial systems can handle large volumes of water.
  2. Consistent water quality: They ensure no harmful microorganisms compromise water quality.
  3. Regulatory compliance: UV systems help businesses meet stringent industry regulations regarding water safety and environmental impact by neutralising harmful pathogens without chemicals.
  4. Industrial wastewater treatment: These systems can treat industrial wastewater so it’s safe for discharge or reuse. Such treatment protects local water systems and can significantly reduce the costs associated with wastewater disposal.

FAQs About Grey Water Treatment Systems

Can You Drink Treated Grey Water?2023-12-08T12:48:17+11:00

You should not drink treated grey water. Even after treatment, grey water may still contain contaminants unsuitable for drinking. It’s generally used for non-drinkable purposes only.

Is It Worth Investing in a Grey Water System?2023-12-08T12:47:56+11:00

Yes, investing in a grey water system, such as one with UV disinfection, is worth it! These systems repurpose grey water for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, laundering, industrial cooling processes, and use in construction activities.

The results? Conserved water, reduced wastewater discharge, and lowered water bills.

What Are the Different Grey Water Systems?2023-12-08T12:47:30+11:00

The different grey water treatment systems are categorised as

  1. Diversion only: Systems that simply divert grey water to areas like gardens without any treatment.
  2. Diversion and filtration: Systems that include a filtration step to remove solids before diversion.
  3. Diversion and treatment: More advanced systems that treat grey water through processes like UV disinfection or biological treatment before reuse.
What Is the Best Treatment for Grey Water?2023-12-08T12:43:41+11:00

UV water disinfection is a highly effective, efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable grey water solution. It uses ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses without adding chemicals, so the water is safe for non-potable (non-drinkable) uses.

Why does the water need to be safe for non-potable reuse? Preserving the water quality without altering its chemistry makes it suitable for purposes such as irrigation or toilet flushing without causing harm to plants, soil, or plumbing systems.

Make the Eco-Friendly Choice: Explore UV Guard’s Grey Water Treatment Systems Today!

UV Guard’s grey water treatment systems offer eco-friendly solutions for both residential and commercial applications. They leverage ultraviolet light to treat water for a cleaner and greener disinfection solution.

These systems effectively conserve water, reduce wastewater, and save on water bills. They are ideal for garden irrigation, outdoor cleaning, industrial processes, and more.

For the best grey water treatment systems in Australia and worldwide, choose UV Guard. Explore our range of products online today for efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable grey water solutions.

For help choosing the right UV grey water treatment system, fill out this online form, and we'll be in touch soon.

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