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Since 2008, UV Guard has been developing, distributing and servicing some of the world’s most innovative and trusted UV disinfection systems.

Commercial Purification

UV Guards commercial water purification solutions are shown below. Our commercial water treatment systems utilise chemical free technology to purify water. They consist of commercial UV water treatment systems, Silver Ionisation systems and our innovative hard water conditioners. Each can be used in many industrial applications.

UV Disinfection Systems

  • LED-Series™


    Innovative chemical-free UV water disinfection systems utilising LED technology.

  • MPX-Series™


    Performance-optimised medium pressure UV treatment for commercial applications.

  • P-Series™


    Versatile UV Water Disinfection for Aquaculture and Industrial applications of all sizes.

  • S-Series™


    Versatile UV water disinfection for moderate-flow Industrial and Commercial applications.

  • T-Series™

    Commercial & Residential

    Flexible UV disinfection solutions for storage tanks of any size.

  • X-Series™


    Compact UV disinfection for large-flow Commercial and Industrial applications.

Non UV Disinfection Systems

  • ABW-Series™


    Automatic backwashing screen water filters.

  • AQ Silver Ionisation™


    Residual disinfection for maintaining and preserving water quality using Silver ions.

  • HWC-Series™


    The sustainable alternative to conventional water softening treatment.

  • WF-Series™

    Comprehensive range of cartridge and bag water filter systems.

Other UV Disinfection Systems

  • AQ UV Disinfection™


    Swiss engineered & validated to DVGW, ÖVGW and SVGW

  • VR C-Series™


    The VR C-Series has been third party validated and certified by the NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) to the CEN EN 14897:2006 code.

  • VR LT-Series™


    The Van Remmen VR LT series, or the Low Transmittance series disinfects liquids with an extremely low transmittance.

  • VR SUV-Series™


    The Van Remmen Sanitary UV systems (VR SUV-Series) are specifically designed to meet the strict quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • VR V-Series™


    The VR V-Series has been developed to ascertainably reliably disinfect water with a transmittance between 80% and 99%.

  • VR W-Series™


    The VR W-Series is a powerful UV system that reliably disinfects water with a transmittance (T10) between 40% and 60%

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UV Guard was founded in Sydney in 2008. We remain 100% Australian owned and operated.

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Since day one, our success has been built on a powerfully simple idea: that a purer life is a better life – especially when it comes to safeguarding the world’s most precious resource, water.

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