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UV-Guard New Zealand harness the powers of UV light, and develop innovative technologies to treat water and air sustainably. We supply complete treatment systems, spare parts for all UV brands and qualified UV system maintenance. UV-Guard has a long history within the UV disinfection industry and has been quality assurance accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Integrity is at the core of every decision we make and the service we provide to our NZ customers.


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What uv disinfection system to buy?

This depends on where the water has come from and what the intended use of the treated water is. There are also a variety of questions that need to be answered before the correct air or surface UV disinfection system can be recommended. For peace of mind, it is best to contact UV-Guard directly to ensure the correct UV system is selected for your application.


Does my business need a uv disinfection system?

If your business uses water in a process or for drinking, a UV disinfection system may be required to control dangerous pathogens. Additionally, if you are concerned about bacteria or viruses on surfaces and in the air, a surface UV sterilizer or air UV disinfection system will provide protection.


What disinfection system is best for rainwater?

A complete water purification system including filtration and UV disinfection is best for treating rainwater to allow it to be consumed. Unlike chemical disinfectants, UV sterilization destroys Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Our UV-Guard CWP-Series is an ideal rainwater treatment system for homes and small businesses.


How to disinfect rainwater for drinking? 

A UV sterilizer provides proven disinfection of rainwater. The UV sterilizer or UV disinfection system needs to be sized correctly to ensure the correct UV dose is being generated. Contact UV-Guard to ensure your rainwater treatment system is right for your use.


What UV disinfection lamp to buy?

This depends on if you require a replacement UV lamp for an existing UV system or if you are investigating into a new water, air or surface system that utilises UV lamps. It is best to contact a reputable UV disinfection business like UV-Guard to assist you with you UV lamp requirements.


UV-Guard have and continue to provide complete water and air purification solutions in the following application areas:

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