Quality spare parts you can trust

Optimising the performance of your UV disinfection system whilst minimising ongoing costs and maintenance.

Reliable performance, year after year

To keep your system performing at its best, we stock a comprehensive range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and replacement parts for all UV disinfection system brands and models. This allows us to despatch orders on the same day with fast delivery.

UV Lamps

Lamps for all brands and models of UV disinfection systems sourced from leading manufacturers in Europe and America.

Quartz Sleeves

Extensive range of premium-quality pure-fused silica UV quartz sleeves and thimbles.

Electronic Ballasts

Comprehensive choice of electronic ballasts to suit all models of old and new UV disinfection systems.


PLC-grade controllers compatible with most brands and models of UV disinfection systems and lamps. (Less sophisticated options also available.)

Other Spare Parts

UV intensity monitors and sensors, lamp connectors, quartz sleeve wiper blades and other replacement components.

Replacement Water Filters

Commercial bag filters and residential cartridge filters of all sizes and micron ratings.

Looking for a commercial solution?

Big or small. Commercial or residential. Indoors or outdoors. Every application is different, which is why we offer a market-leading range of options. Let us help you find the right solution.

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