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Since 2008, UV Guard has been developing, distributing and servicing some of the world’s most innovative and trusted UV disinfection systems.

UV Home Water Treatment

Residential water purification systems can be used in many instances in and around your home. By installing one of our domestic water purification solutions, the water you use will become cleaner and safer to use. We have a large selection of UV sterilizers for protection against harmful pathogens. We also offer an innovative solution to hard water – our hard water conditioners.

UV home water treatment is a cost-effective, and labour-efficient method of ensuring safe, clean water. Unlike chemical methods such as chlorination, UV light is a completely safe and environmentally-friendly option, and it doesn’t require specially-trained personnel either to operate. It’s also a lot more cost-effective over the long run.

Our domestic hard water conditioners can be used to reduce and remove scaling and staining, improve water used for showering, protection of dishwashers and many other applications. They use no chemicals, salts, electricity or magnets. They also do not require maintenance.

See of our Home water purification solutions below

UV Disinfection Systems

  • CWP-Series™


    Complete water purification solution in one compact, weather-resistant unit.

  • LED-Series™


    Innovative chemical-free UV water disinfection systems utilising LED technology.

  • SLT-Series™


    Cost-effective UV disinfection for residential applications, indoors or outdoors.

  • T-Series™

    Commercial & Residential

    Flexible UV disinfection solutions for storage tanks of any size.

Non UV Disinfection Systems

  • HWC-Series™


    The sustainable alternative for softer water in residential applications.

  • WF-Series™

    Comprehensive range of cartridge and bag water filter systems.

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Big or small. Commercial or residential. Indoors or outdoors. Every application is different, which is why we offer a market-leading range of options. Let us help you find the right solution.

UV Water Purification Specialists

UV Guard was founded in Sydney in 2008. We remain 100% Australian owned and operated.

About UV Guard

Since day one, our success has been built on a powerfully simple idea: that a purer life is a better life – especially when it comes to safeguarding the world’s most precious resource, water.

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Every application is unique. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you choose the ideal UV disinfection system for your needs.

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