Other UV Spare & Replacement Parts

UV Guard supply other components required for the successful operation of any UV disinfection system.

We supply both OEM and replacement components depending on our customers’ requirements. The OEM equipment we offer is manufactured by Advance UV, Aquafides, Aquafine, Aquapro, Atlantic, Berson, BWT Bewades, Cynortic Water Guard, Emperor Aquatics Pentair, Enaqua, GDW Aqua Lightech, Hanovia & Aquionics, LIT, Luminor, Phillips, Puretech Radfire, Rheem, Sanuvox, SITA, Steril-Aire, Sterilight, R-Can, Viqua, Trojan, UV Pure Technologies, UV Guard, UVTA, Orica Watercare, IXOM, Van Remmen, Wallace & Tiernan, Siemens Barrier M, Wonder, Wyckomar, Xylem, Wedeco, ITT, Australian Ultra Violet and more.

Some of the parts we stock are:

  • UV intensity sensors
  • UV intensity monitors
  • UV intensity sensor holders including quartz lenses
  • View port lenses
  • UV Transmission monitors
  • UV lamp connectors of all types
  • UV lamp leads
  • Quartz sleeve sealing nuts and screws
  • UV reactor temperature sensors
  • Quartz sleeve wiper blades and associated assemblies
  • UV system automatic wiper drivers and seals
  • Any other component not listed above

If you need assistance with exactly what you require, contact our team today. We will link your product information with information provided by our OEM suppliers to ensure the correct part is offered.

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