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Nu-Pure Beverages is a 100% Australian-owned business that produces bottled spring water and other beverages. Its spring water is sourced from specially selected pristine Australian springs, pure with a natural balance of minerals.

UV-Guard Australia is partnering with Nu-Pure Beverages to ensure its bottled natural spring water is of the highest quality. It is thrilled to be working with Nu-Pure and to have developed UV disinfection units for Nu-Pure’s two manufacturing plants.

UV-Guard Technical Director Luke Chamberlain said Nu-Pure prides itself on producing a natural product and sustainability is an important factor in everything it does.

“The spring water they use must be free from bacteria and other pathogens. It’s vital that the taste and odour of the product must not be detrimentally impacted by any water treatment processes used.”

“UV disinfection was selected by the Nu-Pure process engineers as a safe, reliable and cost-effective method to disinfect the spring water at a number of stages in their manufacturing processes. As UV disinfection is a chemical- and by-product-free process, it was the ideal solution to safeguard the water being produced without adversely affecting its taste and odour,” said Chamberlain.

“The food and beverage industry is an increasingly regulated and safety-conscious market and must meet stringent quality standards. UV water disinfection can prolong shelf life without compromising on flavour, plus it delivers safe, uncontaminated and chemical-free products, making it ideal for goods for human consumption.”

Nu-Pure contacted UV-Guard with requirements for UV disinfection units at three stages of its manufacturing processes: two stages in its Victorian manufacturing plant and one stage at its Queensland manufacturing plant.

“The systems we developed for Nu-Pure were both food-grade compliant and WaterMark certified. The UVG X3-440 is a multilamped system with three 450 W UV lamps designed for food-grade applications where a large treatment flow is required. The unit is installed with a UV intensity monitor to alert Nu-Pure whenever the design UV dose is in risk of not being achieved,” said Chamberlain.

“We also installed two UVG S440 units in parallel at both the Victorian and Queensland manufacturing plants. Installing two units in parallel allows for a level of redundancy. If one unit is out of action for servicing, disinfected water can still be achieved though the other system.”

Nu-Pure Beverages National Technical Manager Bruce Taylor said he is very happy with the service and products provided by UV-Guard.

“I would recommend UV-Guard as a supplier of quality, dependable UV equipment with excellent backup service and support.

“The UV-Guard equipment is an integral part of our quality management system and HACCP program to ensure a safe, quality product is continuously produced in our bottling plants,” he said. Read more


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