Cynortic Water Guard UV Spare Parts

UV-Guard supply *Cynortic WaterGuard UV replacement UV lamps, quartz thimbles or sleeves, o-ring seals and electronic ballasts. We provide replacement Philips UV lamps to suit all Cynortic Water Guard’s systems including the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Septic and the Amalgam Commercial units.

View some of the Cynortic Water Guard UV replacement parts we offer below.

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Brand Model UV Lamp Quartz Sleeve or Thimble O-Ring Controller / Electronic Ballast
Cynortic WaterGuard Amalgam Commercial System 130T1VOX31, 130W Cynortic T6 VQ12A32 SEA5B7T363 BAL6940Z33, Electronic Ballast 130W
Cynortic WaterGuard Bronze and Silver Residential Systems 41W436P084, 41W Cynortic T5 QFGWL41 SEA5592A10 DIG5LW8A23, WAT61UOQ68, Digital Ballast 41W
Cynortic WaterGuard Gold Residential System, Platinum Commercial System, Septreat Residential System 95WK63ED75, 95W Cynortic T5 QFGWL41 SEA5592A10 BALDS2TA45, FILP9HM61, FIL4NZLV42, Digital Ballast 95W

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