IRP-Series – Portable UV disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms.

UV-Guard’s IRP-Series is a remote controlled portable in-room UV disinfection system. The ceiling or tripod mounted IRP-Series makes it a versatile solution to destroys harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, mould spores and yeasts.


  • Kill viruses and bacteria in rooms of any size at home
  • Decontaminate offices and other commercial workplace settings
  • Destroy pathogens in the air and surfaces of waiting rooms
  • Disinfect rooms in health and aged care environments


  • Ceiling ring mount and tripod models available for ease of use from one room to another
  • Three UVC lamps utilised to provide 360-degree disinfection
  • Aluminium reflector for greater UV disinfection efficiency
  • Remote controlled to allow safe operation from outside of decontamination room
  • Automatic timer settings to ensure recommended decontamination times are achieved
  • Built in microwave sensor to turn off system automatically in the event of mistaken room entry during operation


  • Residential Apartments and Houses
  • Hospitals & Doctor Surgeries
  • Aged Care & Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Gymnasiums and other Sport Service Buildings
  • Any other room where disinfection is required


The IRP-Series must not be on when operators are inside the room being decontaminated. Human exposure to UVC radiation is extremely dangerous and can cause severe harm to skin and eyes. It must also be noted that pets can be damaged from UVC exposure

Power Connection Requirement 240 volts 50 Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Dimensions (cm) approx. a = 29, b = 55 – 200, c = 96