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Should we be drinking recycled water and how else can we reuse wastewater?
Australian's dams are running dry
What happens when hospitals run out of water?
UV-Guard work with South East Water - a sustainable building project
Amoebic Meningitis - are your children protected?
UV-Guard assisting Sea Shepherd
UV Transmission (UVT) - What is it? How is it measured? Low UVT liquid measurement & treatment
The importance of alternative water supplies
Announcement of new international partnership
Growing global water crisis and UV-Guard featured om publication
2020 Olympic Games – concerns about water quality
Listeria outbreak in Australia - E.Coli reports in Adelaide rainwater tanks
Australian heatwaves increase dangers of exposure to water pathogens - Amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri
Hard water conditioning with the UVG-HWC
Cooling tower water treatment
A bakery UV disinfection application - UV-Guard's custom UV system solutions
Low Pressure UV swimming pool treatment case study - Charity support and more
The versatility of UV disinfection - Chlorine reduction experiment results
Important news in the aquaculture industry, prawn white spot
The brain eating parasite - Our Christmas operating hours
UV treatment of milk - The UVG S55, a new S-Series model
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction - UV-Guard SMS Module
Impact of temperature on UV output - Thermal relief systems - EOFY offer
De-chlorination using UV - New application and product brochures
Sulfate-reducing Bacteria - In-flight UV Disinfection - Lamp protection innovation
Legionnaires' linked to air conditioning system - UV use in cooling towers - UV system maintenance tip
ISO9001 Certification - Hospital Tank Treatment - UV Disinfection or Sterilisation?
Crypto in pools - Solar water system - New indoor controller for larger UV systems
Scientific Trial Results & PLC - Turbidity Integration
UV Disinfection for Boats and Amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri Parasite
End of year Maintenance & our New Website
Recent Projects – Warm Water Disinfection
The new UVG X-Series
UV-Guard WaterMark recertification
Initial look at our new P-Series and Californian Drought
UV Disinfection in Brewing and our 12V / 24V DC Systems
Our new PLC Power Supply Boxes
UV Disinfection in Warm Water Systems
UV-Guard In Europe
UVG SLF-Series
UV Disinfection In Horticulture
Basics of UV Dose
S and X-Series Development

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