LIT UV Spare Parts: UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves

UV-Guard supply *LIT UV replacement UV lamps, quartz thimbles or sleeves, o-ring seals and many other UV disinfection system spare parts. We provide spare parts for the LIT UV DUV series along with their Australian distributor’s rebranded *Genius and Strike series.

View some of the LIT UV replacement parts we offer below.

Brand Model Rebranded as UV Lamp
LIT DUV 1-75, DUV 2-75, DUV 4-75, DUV 5-75, DUV 7-75 DB-75
LIT - - DB250HO-32 UV Lamp, DB 250HO-32 UV Lamp, DB-250HO-32 UV Lamp
LIT DUV-1A, DUV-2A, DUV-36A DB-300
LIT DUV-3A UV Genius UV-GE300 DB-300
LIT DUV-4A UV Strike UV-ST4 DB-300
LIT DUV-5A UV Strike UV-ST5 DB-300
LIT DUV-7A UV Strike UV-ST7 DB-300
LIT DUV-12A UV Strike UV-ST12 DB-300
LIT DUV-18A UV Strike UV-ST18 DB-300
LIT DUV-4A300H - DB 300H-2 UV Lamp, DB-300H-2 UV Lamp, DB300H-2 UV Lamp
LIT DUV-7A300H - DB 300H-2 UV Lamp, DB-300H-2 UV Lamp, DB300H-2 UV Lamp
LIT DUV-4A350T UV Strike UV-ST4A DB-350
LIT DUV-5A350T UV Strike UV-ST5A DB-350
LIT DUV-7A350T UV Strike UV-ST7A DB-350
LIT DUV-12A350 DB-350
LIT DUV-12A350T DB-350
LIT DUV-18A350T DB-350
LIT DUV-3A500HO-N, DUV-4A500HO-N, DUV-5A500HO-N DB-500
LIT DUV-6A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST6B DB-500
LIT DUV-7A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST7B DB-500
LIT DUV-9A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST9B DB-500
LIT DUV-12A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST12B DB-500
LIT DUV-15A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST15B DB-500
LIT DUV-18A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST18B DB-500
LIT DUV-21A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST21 DB-500
LIT DUV-24A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST24 DB-500
LIT DUV-30A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST30 DB-500
LIT DUV-36A500HO-N UV Strike UV-ST36 DB-500
LIT - - DB500-2 UV Lamp, DB-500-2 UV Lamp, DB 500-2 UV Lamp
LIT - - DB500HO-32 UV Lamp, DB-500HO-32 UV Lamp, DB 500HO-32 UV Lamp

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our experienced sales engineers and they will establish exactly what you need.

*The LIT UV, Genius and Strike trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners and although we refer to them and their models, UV-Guard are in no way endorsed by or associated with these companies.

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