Integrated water treatment solutions combining filtration and UV disinfection.

Product Information

The GMP-Series™ are integrated water treatment solutions combining filtration and UV disinfection modules pre-mounted and plumbed for quick out-of-the-box installation.

Utilising the industries best automatic backwash screens, sediment filters and UV disinfection systems, the guardian™ provides inline multiplex protection up to 18 m3/hr.

  • Integrated water treatment with automatic backwash screen, sediment filter and UV disinfection system
  • Treatment modules pre-mounted onto durable galvanised steel backplate
  • Interconnecting plumbing fitted and pressure tested for quick and easy installation
  • Multiple models to suit small to large flows with inlet and outlet connections from 1” to 2”
  • Backwash screen, sediment filter and UV disinfection system modules configured for non-potable or potable water treatment


GMP-3 GMP-6 GMP-8 GMP-18


Model Flow Rate@ 30mJ/cm2 Inlet/Outlet
GMP-3 3 m3/hr 1” BSP
GMP-6 6 m3/hr 1” BSP
GMP-8 8 m3/hr 1.5” BSP
GMP-18 18 m3/hr 2” BSP

UV Guard Applications

Our market-leading UV disinfection systems deliver outstanding results across an extensive range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications.


The HWC-Series took a few weeks to clean the calcium build-up from the pipes and the results were astonishing. I honestly cannot speak more highly of the product and installation was so easy.

Ray, WA

Since installing the water conditioner we are using less washing powder, soap and shampoo. The life of our hot water element also appears to have been extended.

Sally, WA

Since installing our Shower Water Conditioner, the whole family has noticed the difference. We all have softer, more manageable hair and my son no longer has as many skin irritations.

Allison, NSW

Before installing UV-Guard’s Hard Water Conditioner, Calcium used to build-up on every surface, Iron was also staining our toilets and basins. Now there is no Calcium build-up and the Iron staining is easily wiped away.

Heidi, QLD

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