Illuminate Your Water: The Power of UVC Lamps in Water Disinfection


Ultraviolet-C light is germicidal and can pass through water and inactivate microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. A chemical-free water treatment solution, UVC lamps ensure the safety of domestic and industrial water supplies without leaving a weird taste or odour.

UV Guard is committed to fostering safer, healthier water sources in various sectors through innovative and superior-quality products. Our focus is on providing UVC lamps that are safe, long-lasting, and user-friendly, surpassing the most rigorous standards in water sterilisation.

The Science Behind UVC Lamps

UVC lamps emit a short-wavelength light that can penetrate the cells of nasty microbes and impact their DNA. The microorganisms become unable to reproduce and quickly die off. This process, known as germicidal irradiation, is exceptionally adept at destroying bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms in water. The UVC disinfection occurs immediately upon exposure and does not introduce residual radiation into the water.

What Are the Benefits of Using UVC Lamps in Water Treatment?

Using UVC lamps offers several benefits, making it an effective chemical-free water treatment, including:

  • A safety-forward approach: UVC can inactivate more than 99% of harmful organisms, bacteria, and other pathogens in the water. You don’t add any chlorine, fluoride, or other chemicals to the water, which is safer for drinking water.
  • Environmentally friendly: No harmful chemical by-products are created using UVC sterilisation; instead, they rely on the natural germicidal properties of UVC light.
  • Very efficient: UVC sterilisation works immediately, causing microorganisms to inactivate instantly upon exposure.
  • Low-maintenance option: You replace the light every 12 months and monitor it regularly to spot any changes. Aside from that, UVC lamps are a very low-maintenance option, resulting in ongoing cost savings for owners.

A Closer Look at UV Guard’s UVC Lamps

UV Guard boasts an extensive range of over 500 UVC lamps, all of which are provided by industry-leading UVC lights and bulb manufacturers from around the world. We stock replacement UV Lamps for Hanovia & Aquionics, Trojan, Viqua, Wedeco and many other popular brands.

Low and medium-pressure UVC lights are available. Medium-pressure UVC lamps emit more broad-spectrum light than low-pressure bulbs, making them well-suited for disinfection and other applications.

Low-pressure UVC lamps are more efficient, making them a sustainable choice for lower flows or disinfection only applications. While both lamps effectively deactivate harmful microorganisms, due to medium-pressure UVC lights having a broader spectrum, they can break down more types of compounds compared to low-pressure options.

UVC lamps have many applications, and UV Guard’s comprehensive range means there are lamps available for a variety of commercial and residential uses:


UVC disinfection systems are a chemical-free water treatment, which means you can harvest and sterilise rainwater without adding fluoride or chlorine. Low-pressure UVC lights, like the 11040 by UV Guard, are a solid choice for disinfecting residential rainwater tanks, boasting a power of 40W for ultimate disinfection performance.


A UV Guard lamp can sterilise swimming pools, hot tubs, and hydrotherapy pools to remove organisms and reduce water chemicals. We recently helped a NSW swim school utilise UVC to minimise the amount of chlorine in their 50,000L volume pool from 6.5mg/L to below 1mg/L, in line with NSW Health recommendations.

Food & Beverage

Proper hygiene is crucial for ensuring the safe consumption of food and beverages. UV-C lamps can disinfect surfaces, equipment and water used in the production process, improving sanitation and reducing the risk of contamination.

Ponds & Aquariums

UVC can kill off algae and dangerous zoospores, parasites, bacteria, and diseases in your aquarium. When combined with an effective UV water treatment system, like UV Guard’s P-Series, powerful UVC lamps neutralise harmful bacteria in the water. The system’s flow picks up any debris and dead algae and filtrates it.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The medical industry has long used UVC as a powerful tool in the fight against harmful pathogens. From sterilising surgical instruments to disinfecting hospital rooms, UVC technology is vital in preventing the spread of infections and diseases.

UV Guard products are manufactured by coupling innovative technology with safety-forward design to create reliable, energy-efficient, easy-to-use water treatment solutions. Cost-effective without compromising quality, UV Guard is proud to be the go-to for UVC lamps in Australia.

FAQs About UVC Lamps

What materials does UV-C penetrate?2024-02-16T16:57:37+11:00

UVC radiation can pass through translucent materials, including water, glass, and plastic. A quartz sleeve is often used to house the UVC lamp, allowing the light to pass through while protecting the lamp itself. This sleeve can also be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

How do UVC lamps work?2024-02-16T16:54:14+11:00

UVC lamps work on a simple principle: when microorganisms come into contact with the light emitted by the lamp, their DNA is damaged or altered so that they can no longer reproduce or function properly. Irreversible cell damage occurs, resulting in bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens dying off.

How long do UVC lamps last in water disinfection systems?2024-02-15T14:22:14+11:00

UVC lights tend to last for around 9,000 working hours. As a rule of thumb, you should generally aim to replace your UVC bulbs every 12 months, as whilst they may stay lit, the sterilisation efficiency will dramatically decrease over time. For peace of mind, staying on top of the maintenance and updating your bulb regularly is better.

Does UVC penetrate walls?2024-02-15T14:21:29+11:00

UV light can’t penetrate walls, and neither can UVC. Keep this in mind when setting up a UV water treatment system, as the light needs to reach all parts of the water to kill off any microorganisms effectively. This means that a clear and unobstructed path between the UVC lamp and the water is necessary for successful treatment.

Which is better: UV lamp or UVC lamp?2024-02-15T14:20:51+11:00

When it comes to UV water treatment, UVC lamps are more effective, as they emit UV radiation at the right wavelength to effectively stop cells from replicating, which kills off the nasties in the water. UVC lights also tend to be cheaper to own and run long-term.

What is the difference between UVC and UV light?2024-02-15T14:20:00+11:00

The key difference between UV and UVC is the wavelength. UVC has a very short wavelength of 100-280 nanometres (nm), whereas UV is a lot longer. Ultraviolet light can range up to 400 nm. UVC lamps are designed to emit the right amount of radiation to effectively sterilise water.

You’ll want a lamp that emits a wavelength of 260-265nm, as this is the most effective at damaging DNA in microorganisms, which is the aim of UV water treatment. If you choose a lamp UVC over UV light, you can remove 99% of microbes from any water you’d like to sterilise.

Embark on a Journey to Clearer, Safer Water with UV Guard’s UVC Lamps

UVC lamps are a powerful tool in providing clean and safe water. By harnessing the power of ultraviolet light, these lamps effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms from your water supply. They are easy to use, require minimal maintenance, and provide extra protection against bacteria and viruses.

Explore UV Guard’s extensive range of UVC lamps, tailored for various needs in rainwater harvesting, aquatics, food and beverage, ponds, aquariums, and more. Take the proactive step towards cleaner water in your home or business and discover UV Guard’s UVC lamp solutions today.

Fill out this online form, and a member of our expert team will be in touch to help you choose the best UV water treatment system for your needs.

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