Combatting High Chlorine for Swim School Health & Safety

Applications: Aquatics,Chlorine & Chloramine Destruction

The Challenge: Counting the Cost of High Chlorine

Platypus Swim School in Rose Bay is a regular port of call for many NSW residents, and bather numbers have increased to over 550 per week. However, with total chlorine counts hitting a high of 6.3mg/L, the pool was struggling to accommodate these bathers in a safe and healthy swimming environment.

Crucially, the swim school was failing to meet the stringent guidelines set by NSW Health, and could therefore come under threat of being closed to the public.

In order to ensure the safety of swimmers and maintain a high standard of water quality, the Rose Bay pool urgently needed to find a reliable and effective solution to reduce the chlorine count to below 1mg/L.
With a pool volume of 50,000 litres and a peak flow rate of 25m3/hr, the solution would need to be robust, efficient, and capable of handling the high demand of such a popular, well-used pool.


The Solution: Tailored for Swim Health & Safety

Platypus Swim School contacted UV Guard after another of our swim school customers recommended us as a leading and trusted provider of best in class UV water treatment systems. We visited the swim school and carried out a detailed analysis of the pool’s existing treatment activities, providing recommendations on the target pH and how to maximise the efficiency of existing media filters.

Having understood the specific challenges and requirements of the Rose Bay pool, we proposed a customised solution to bring the chlorine counts down to levels that would comply with the NSW Health regulations.

We selected the P1-440 UV water treatment system to achieve the necessary UV dose of 60mJ/cm2, knowing that this would guarantee efficient disinfection and reduce chlorine levels effectively.

Given the particular challenges posed by a warm, humid and high chlorine pool environment, we combined this system with an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) chamber.

Based on our extensive experience of implementing UV solutions for aquatics and chloramine destruction, we were confident that the combination of the P1-440 system and the HDPE chamber would guarantee a UV treatment process that would be effective, reliable, and up to the challenge.


The Results: Immediate & Sustainable

Following the installation of our tailored solution, the impact was immediate and impressive.

The combined chlorine counts were dramatically reduced to below 1mg/L, therefore fully complying with the standards set by NSW Health.
Even with the increased number of swimmers per week, the level of chlorine in the pool has consistently remained acceptable and healthy.
The capacity of the UV treatment system to handle the peak flow rate of 25m3/hr has ensured that the water remains clean and safe for swimmers, even during the pool’s busiest periods.

The UV Guard solution has not only addressed the immediate water quality issue, improving the pool’s water quality in a measurable and quantifiable way, but it has also undeniably helped to create a healthier and more enjoyable swimming environment for all who use the swim school.

By eliminating harmful chlorine by-products and pathogens, the UV water treatment system has been instrumental in safeguarding the health and well-being of swimmers and staff alike.

The successful implementation of the P1-440 UV system and HDPE chamber was an efficient and reliable solution to the specific challenges of high chlorine counts and increasing numbers of swimmers, but it also provided a long-term, cost-effective method for maintaining this water quality and meeting regulatory standards going forward.

For Platypus Swim School Rose Bay, this means they can now confidently welcome the more than 550 swimmers a week who come to enjoy their facilities, with a reinforced commitment to providing a safe and pleasant environment for all swimmers.

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